Keeping It Simple

Sometimes I like layering and mixing old and new, florals and stripes, tough and sweet; and other times, I just like to keep it simple.  That simplicity is often brought on by current humidity levels.  Although the sack-like shape of this dress does no favors for my 5' 2" frame (and I'm more conscious of it now more than ever, thanks to a nagging running injury preventing me from increasing miles and completing marathon training), it sure is comfortable!

Outfit details - dress: vintage, thrifted // boots: thrifted with diy harnesses // jewelry: vintage and Dinosaur Toes (here, here and here)

Do you have certain items you wear to help you stay cool in the summer?

The Accessories

Sometimes I like the outfit I'm wearing okay, but I'm mainly a fan of the accessories, and without them, maybe I wouldn't like the clothes as much.  I think that's the case with this simple outfit.

Outfit Details - sunglasses: ZeroUV // top: Tobi (similar) // skirt: Target // bag: vintage, thrifted // scarf: vintage, thrifted // necklace: c/o ONecklace // bracelets & rings: Dinosaur Toes (here, here, and here) // shoes: Fiel

I don't know what exactly it is about the sunglasses, but I don't want to take them off.  I've gotten a few compliments, as well as a few strange looks, but either way, that tells me they're pretty interesting, and I have to agree.  Do you have any accessories that you feel make an outfit, or that you want to wear all the time?


I love lace.  I love LOTS of lace!  This black tunic with lace shoulders is one of my favorites thanks to its ability to be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, whatever.  I've worn it to meet with clients, and I've worn it on lazy Sunday afternoon bike rides.

Outfit details - tunic: Target // skirt: TJ Maxx // boots: thrifted with DIY harnesses // jewelry: Dinosaur Toes // bag: vintage, thrifted


As you may have guessed from seeing corn in the background of my pictures, I live on a farm.  I was feeling kind of frustrated and a little overwhelmed the other day, and being that fresh air does the soul good, I figured I'd take a little walk around my yard and up my road to help clear my head.  I felt so much better when I got back in.

1.  I picked myself a few flowers and weeds to put in a tiny antique vase on my kitchen counter.
2.  My farty, annoying, and always loving dog, Kona.
3.  Chris' grandma let me take her picture.  "Good," she said, when I told her I wouldn't get her face. / One of the many butterflies enjoying nectar on my butterfly bush.
4.  Flojo can't come out on walks, so she watches patiently at the window (and this always makes me kind of sad since we do everything else together).
5.  Where the kind of gravel road turns to complete gravel road.
6.  More of my weed bouquet.
7.  Another butterfly, and Kona's favorite position on the front porch.

When you're feeling overwhelmed or bummed out, what helps you clear your head?

Thrift Store Score

I. Love. Thrifting.  Honestly, I don't know what it is about the searching, the sifting, the picking, the inevitable pit stained clothes, the sometimes walking out empty-handed, all in hopes of finding a treasure for a steal, but I just like doing it.  It just seems worth it when I find a little gem amidst all the summer camp t-shirts and holiday embroidered chambray.  Enter this perfect 1970's blouse for $3...

Outfit details - blouse: vintage, thrifted // jeans: Old Navy (Christmas present) // shoes: Kork Ease, ebay // bag: vintage, thrifted // name necklace: ONecklace c/o // rings & bracelet: dinosaur toes

I don't know what I love most about this blouse: the perfect fit, the soft fabric, the details, or the floral pattern.  Now that thrifting is the trendy thing to do (I miss the days before hipsters caught on), it definitely makes finding good vintage pieces more difficult.  But I guess that just makes me appreciate the things I do find even more.

Do you like wearing vintage clothing?  What's your favorite vintage piece?