Earlier this year I discovered that my favorite kind of jewelry to make is these little gemstone stud earrings.  Whether they're my favorite because of the tiny size, the one-of-a-kind nature, the fact that they give me an excuse to do more stone shopping, or something else I've yet to discover, I really do enjoy the process and the finished product of these more than other pieces.

My favorite will always be the herkimer diamond studs, but after adding pink tourmaline, apatite, and garnet to the earring family, there's definitely some competition.  I have a couple pairs currently available for sale, and if I can ever get caught up on screen printing and packaging orders, I might finally get the rest of these added to my shop!

What have you been working on lately?  Have you been busy getting ready for Christmas or Hanukkah?

Work your brains out.

Lately my life has been screen printing, screen printing, screen printing, soldering, screen printing, screen printing, and a little more screen printing.  I love when I stay busy, but I do miss free time and the perks that go along with it (like sleep, painting, and rearranging things in my house).  I haven't actually used my camera since mid-October, regardless of the fun new (vintage, really) lens I have, so I decided to turn it on to make sure it still worked while I took a lunch break yesterday.

1.  Keeping it classy using an old beer bottle as a vase for pretty evergreen clippings from the woods.  I just really like the design of the label.
2.  I'm lucky to have talented friends whose handmade treasures decorate my home.  (Weaving from Petaline)
3.  My beautiful sidekick.
4.  I wish I had enough time to search for a few more ugly old chairs to reupholster.
5.  My Mother Of Millions plant is dropping babies right and left.  The best $2.75 I ever spent (maybe - I can't remember everything I've ever bought in that price range).

So it turns out my camera still works.  And now I just want to take lots of pictures.  Come late December, once all the holiday orders have slowed down, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time!  What have you been up to lately?  Have you been getting ready for the holidays, either decorating or shopping?

Shirts and Models

I've got new pictures, WITH PEOPLE, so I kind of feel official now.  But guys, do you know how difficult it is to get people to 1. agree to model your products, and 2. actually do it?  You would think I'd asked for help manually emptying my septic tank or something. Unfortunately I had to step in after two would-be models cancelled, but I thank my lucky stars Chatham, Ryan, and Calvin came through and modeled these tanks like champs as I needed new pictures ASAP since this Bonjour Y'all merch is going live on a super large e-commerce site very soon!

The next time I need models, I'm going straight to these guys.  And, in between working on quarterly taxes and packaging orders, I've been working on some new shirt designs since I know who is willing to model for me!  And lastly, I got a new (to me) 50mm lens the week before last, so I kind of like having an excuse to take lots of new pictures.

*Until the shirts are up on that site (I feel like I don't want to say the name, jinx myself, and have it not work out, then I look like a dummy because I went on the internet and said it was going to happen), you can find them in my shop.

The Accessories

Sometimes I like the outfit I'm wearing okay, but I'm mainly a fan of the accessories, and without them, maybe I wouldn't like the clothes as much.  I think that's the case with this simple outfit.

Outfit Details - sunglasses: ZeroUV // top: Tobi (similar) // skirt: Target // bag: vintage, thrifted // scarf: vintage, thrifted // necklace: c/o ONecklace // bracelets & rings: Dinosaur Toes (here, here, and here) // shoes: Fiel

I don't know what exactly it is about the sunglasses, but I don't want to take them off.  I've gotten a few compliments, as well as a few strange looks, but either way, that tells me they're pretty interesting, and I have to agree.  Do you have any accessories that you feel make an outfit, or that you want to wear all the time?


I love lace.  I love LOTS of lace!  This black tunic with lace shoulders is one of my favorites thanks to its ability to be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, whatever.  I've worn it to meet with clients, and I've worn it on lazy Sunday afternoon bike rides.

Outfit details - tunic: Target // skirt: TJ Maxx // boots: thrifted with DIY harnesses // jewelry: Dinosaur Toes // bag: vintage, thrifted