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Whew, I'm so glad it's Friday! I have lots of things to catch up on, mainly Etsy orders and SLEEP, and the fleece sheets on my bed are calling my name. I'm planning to fix something super easy for dinner so I can fall asleep on the sofa under a fluffy throw. I'm married, I'm allowed to be boring on a Friday night, plus it's too cold to go out. So, I'm following some other bloggers and telling my deepest, darkest secrets! Ask me anything you want. Seriously. Leave your question in the comments section, or send me an email!

It feels like this outside, but with rain :( not snow.

I'm hoping it will feel like this again soon.

I'll post all the questions and answers one day next week, and hopefully I will have caught up on sleep so I'll quit whining about it! I hope everyone has a fun weekend, and be sure to enter Brittan's giveaway & Kassi's giveaway!

Oh, and one last thing... I do try my best to visit blogs of everyone who comments, and then leave comments for them, but sometimes I get a little slow. I promise I'm on my way to visit if I haven't already! xoxo


  1. It's ok to be boring on a Friday night. It's all I ever am on the weekend. And what does it matter if you already get to hang out with your best friend?

    Speaking of that, my question: how did you and Mr. D-toes meet?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend : )

  2. dang, we're always boring around these parts!

    yes, brittan's giveaway is wonderful... anyone would be lucky to win!

    and she really deserves more than three followers - so get it on it people! she's great!

    my question for you...

    what is the difference in age between you and your brother? and who's older?

    xo bajillioninfinity

  3. lovely photos!! and yes SO GLAD its friday!! {i am totally eying the horseshoe necklace from your shop for my bday wish list!!}
    also i just saw that under your fave books is sophia kinsella!! i love her books! i'm rereading the shopaholic series right now!!
    have a fabulous weekend!! xo

  4. Crissy, and Kassi, I'm glad you're as boring as I am! I'm actually not bored staying at home because there is always so much I can do, but when I hear my friends talking about their plans, I alwyas end up thinking, "should I go do something? Should I enjoy staying home this much?" Oh well, it works for me!

    Chelsea, I'm going to make myself a horseshoe necklace this weekend! And isn't Sophie great? I can't help but laugh out loud every time I pick up one of her books; her characters are so crazy!

  5. I'm boring most days now with no job as of yet. lol

    and YES. it's cold and dreary, so being bored sounds like the thing to do.

    man, Crissy got my question!
    so let me ask you... are you from this area? if not, where are you from and what brought you here?

    ooh and favourite excerpt from a novel.

    that's two questions, (or 3 really) and i'm going to ask another one but just cos you're the person to ask- you don't have to answer this one on your future post :) lol where can i get local postcards?

    have a utterly boring friday ;)


  6. I'm boring too! I love staying in and doing creative things or just watching movies lazying around, especially in pyjamas. :)

    My questions to you are;

    - what is your favourite book (similar to micaela's)
    - how did you begin making such unusual and beautiful jewellery?


  7. Oh you will sleep so well if you are really tired, thats my favorite kind of sleep! I usually have crazy dreams then too...

    Hey, how old is flojo? I love sun's, we know an incredible one named kiwi, I wanted to run away with him, he is soooo cute!

  8. Oooh, such fun questions! I want to break the rules and answer all of them now. But I can't! I have to make myself wait!

  9. whoever invented fleece sheets is brilliant. its like sleeping in a giant pair of p.j. pants.

  10. have a wonderful weekend, (i think i'll be cuddled up on the couch this weekend too!)

  11. Hi! I'm a new blog follower of yours all the way from New Zealand. Hello to you :) I have just started the whole blogging thing and slowly am being introduced to great blogs like your own. Please stop by my blog if you like www.gabriellelynne.blogspot, i have a lot to learn! But can't wait to share my life with other people! Love your blog!

  12. craig and i have a standing date to be boring together almost every friday night. take out + movie or dvr'd shows. i love it.

    as for questions....

    *when did you first know you were in love with mr. d?

    *if you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    *do you have a secret talent nobody knows about?

    *what's the one makeup item you could not live without?

  13. It totally sounds like my weekend! Have a good one!

    packing etsy orders is my favorite ever! i'm such a package freak, hehe!

  14. Your my hero! I love that you plan an easy dinner and fall asleep on the couch... sometimes you just gotta do that! I did about the same last night.. movies and art projects with the dog curled up on the couch with me!

    Can you tell us more about you bird? How old is he? How did you decide to get a bird? How old was he when you got him?

  15. danielle -

    your dream cracked me up! little hot dog men! dreams are so strange!

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  17. hmmm... question, question...

    when did you get married and how long have you been married for?

    any kids in the near future?

  18. flannel sheets! i'm soo jealous! they are my favorite, but it's too hot for them in houston.
    also...ssshhh someone's boobs are following your blog...


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