take my stuff: giveaway!

One of my ideas for a resolution (even though I DO NOT make them) was to go through and get rid of some of my supplies and accumulated stash. I'm doing just that, so please help me out and enter this giveaway so you can take this stuff out of my desk and off of my hands! I'm going to have two winners since I have so much. Included in this giveaway is: vintage jewelry, vintage & new beads, natural & gem stone beads, vintage & new chain, vintage cabochons. I'll also throw in some extras that aren't pictured.

To enter, please leave me a comment with one little piece of info about yourself (your favorite ice cream, pet's name, hobbies, etc.). To gain an extra entry, please link to this post from your own blog and leave a link in the comments, or follow this blog if you aren't already! Winners will be chosen next Wednesday (1.13), and I'll try to divide the loot as evenly as possible!


  1. oooh. fun fun. i love the jewelry so so much!

    entry numero uno

    my dog's name is ruca... after the sublime song

    my daughter has two rats - hot cocoa and marshmallow

  2. Wonderful things for jewelry, mosaic, and collage! I'd love to win.

  3. this is maybe my favorite giveaway. ever.

    i'm so glad you just commented on my blog, because i was just coming over to say hi and then saw that you had this wonderful little giveaway going on.

    anyway, i don't usually enter giveaways, because i never win, but i couldn't not throw my name in the hat for this one. this is just too perfect.

    ok...enough of my babbling...here's some more....

    *i have a german shepherd named marley... not after the book, but after "i am legend". there was a german shepherd in that movie and will smith's daughter in the movie was named marley. it's kind of annoying now though cause everyone names their dogs (and children!) marley cause of the book that i had never even read. ugh.

    *also, my favorite ice cream is this dryers kind that's orange sherbert with dark chocolate chips in it. SO good!

    ok....longest giveaway entry comment ever. hope you don't mind :).

  4. ooh man! i cant top these cute kids and their lovely comments! haha...i am just here to tell ya, that you are so wonderful dinosaur toes, my sister christin introduced me to your goods and i love your cosmic ideas and beautiful creativity and imagination. wish you lived in florida, us ladies would have a ball inventing jewelry and things! thank you for the inspiration! you rock my lady! these are beyond awesome gifts you are giving away and just speaks volumes of how cool you and your rad character truely are! simply put: you are the bees knees! i dont want your giveaway, for someone else could use it, but i would like your friendship! ;) haha love ya!

  5. so many lovely things!

    a little about me...

    my roommates and I adopted a crazy black cat named Lily.

    my favorite ice cream is rocky road.

  6. entry numero dos

    i blogged about your giveaway!


  7. Holy fantastic. I love all the brooches...I sound like such an old woman..

    Let's see, my favorite color is yellow...and I have 2 kids with another on the way!

    What an awesome giveaway!

  8. Following you now, and looking forward to future posts :)

  9. Thanks so much for the entries, you don't know how much I appreciate it!

    Heather, you're too sweet, and so is Christin! I look forward to a fun friendship!

  10. hi Im Brandi and I love jamocha almond fudge from baskin robbins ice cream! LOVE IT! i even wrote a song for my husband for our wedding:) It was caled jamocha.

    KASS i love that your dog is named Ruca...I love that song!

  11. Ah! How sweet.

    I work in a building that was once my city's morgue.

    Oh how morbid.

  12. Love everything in your giveaway.

    I grew up in an island and moved in the US over a decade ago. I started blogging almost a yr ago (Jan 29.). I love creating cute stuff.

    ..and oh, I'd really really really like to get focus on shedding excess pounds this yr. :)

    I'm following you. :)

  13. Hi Danielle,
    What a lovely giveway! I talked about your giveaway on my blog. I also mentioned my favorite ice-cream. Have a good day! Cheers!

  14. I'm secretly--or not so-- addicted to typefaces. I talk about them all the time. And people think that's weird, for some reason...

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  16. ooohh yay! fun giveaway! i found you through kassi's blog & so happy i did!

    some things...i run but i think it's hard, i have a cute white cat & i live with my sweet man friend:)


  17. what an awesome idea!!!! i'm going to have to think of doing the same thing!

    okay i hope this doesn't sound weird, but i found your blog by searching on Etsy for local shops in my new hometown. I just moved here to be with my new fiance and am so excited to find local treasures. If you have any suggestions on hot spots in Lynchburg, DO LET ME KNOW please :) my email is micaela.lechuga@gmail.com. There's a huge random piece of info about me ;) i'm quite random.

    my bichon frise's name is Maverick, named after the Dallas Mavericks NBA team. She's a girl, but i'm such a fan and it fits her.

    i think movies are the great escape of life. My favorite would have to be "lost in translation" (followed closely by "eternal sunshine")

    i'm a vegetarian. i love antique shops. i am a twin.


    i am totally going to follow your cute corner of the internet. I think you're fabulous!

  18. i hope it's not too late to enter! i LOVE this giveaway! so sad i didn't see it sooner, but i am glad you found my blog so i could find yours!

    some things about me?

    i had a dog named cherry pie. she died about 2 years ago at the age of 15. i miss her so much! she was one of my best friends.

    my favorite ice cream would have to be brownies over the moon. think that is what it is called!

    you are so cute! i love your blog! :)

  19. oh and i am already a follower :)



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