my first blogging award

I've been given my very first blogging award from windshield diaries! Now for my acceptance speech... I'd like to thank Flojo for keeping me company while I blog, and for inspiring the name. I'd like to thank Kassi for being the first person to regularly comment on my blog, which made me realize I needed to start updating this thing every now and then! Lastly, I'd like to thank my lovely followers and the sweet bloggers who comment on my posts (I love comments more than you know).

Rules: List ten things that make you happy and do one of them today. Remember to link to the person who tagged you and pass this little bit of love on to 10 others.

1. Swimming makes me happy. During the summer I go to my grandma's house to swim several times a week, and I'm going nuts being out of the pool!

2. Playing with young children makes me happy. My 5-year-old friend, Erin from church plays a game where she'll try and scare me and then I'll tickle her. It never gets old.

3. Being able to help an animal probably makes me happier than anything else.

4. Scrubbing things makes me happy. Yep, I just really like cleaning.

5. Feeling Flojo's feathers against my skin always makes me smile.

6. Getting in touch with old friends always mean a lot to me, and luckily I've gotten back in touch with my best friend from high school. The best part is, I discovered that she only lives about 2 miles from me!

7. Making things makes me happy, especially when it involves working with metal.

8. Getting things in the mail (aside from bills and junk) makes me super happy!

9. Getting to see my aunt/best friend who lives in Myrtle Beach, SC is always super exciting.

10. Eating makes me a little too happy. Blueberry muffins, pizza, mac & cheese, Mexican, pasta... That's the one I did today. My church had a chili, cornbread and dessert lunch this afternoon with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, so it was eating I could feel good about!

I'm going to break the rules and not tag anyone since I just tagged seven people for something else, but I'd love for any of my readers to do the same thing and post a link so I can check it out! So let's just say I'll award anyone willing to accept it!


  1. cute idea! and i can relate to mostly ALL of the things that make you happy..especially the playing with young children, getting things in the mail, and helping animals <3

    i'll try to do this within the next week sometime.

    hope your sunday is going well love! <33

  2. I always like doing these sorts of things because I think it's a good way for people to get to know you without just rambling on in paragraph form!

    I look forward to seeing the ten things that make you happy.

    Also, I've been checking out some of the bands you listed on your blog that I hadn't heard of because I'm always looking for new music!

  3. aw, you mentioned me in your acceptance speech! i feel so honored!!! and you are welcome! i liked you right away... so how could i not comment?! :-)

    i love all the things that make you happy!
    too bad you don't live near me... i would let you play with kids any time! ;-)


  4. i like cleaning too! but...only when it's my idea.

  5. Kassi, it's too bad I don't live closer to you for more than one reason. None of my friends can appreciate the older things in life, and I need a thrifting buddy! Also, I'd definitely play with your kids. I'm still not sure if I'm ready for my own, but I love my friends' kids!

    Lauren, I know EXACTLY what you mean! I could scrub all day long, but a few times when my husband has mentioned the marks on the stove (I hate having to chisel stuff that's boiled over and burned off of a flat top stove) I'm not about to clean it, just for spite!

  6. So super weird that I found your blog today off of Fallon's. It is weird because I have a new obsession with all things "bird" for home decorating projects, and I was just thinking I should get a parrot or something. My hubby would most definitely nix the idea, so now I can just live vicariously through you! :)

  7. 1. I love to read. Any time I get a new book and I get to snuggle up on my bed and read, I am blissfully happy.

    2. I love going to little coffee shops. I am a hopeless lover of all things creative and romantic.

    3. I love to crochet and use brightly colored yarns.

    4. Talking to my nine-year-old brother always makes me really happy.

    5. I love riding four-wheelers. I'm not usually much of a daredevil, but I love the feeling of the wind whipping around my face and riding as fast and far as I can.

    6. I love Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuits.

    7. I love a good breakfast with waffles and strawberries and chocolate milk.

    8. I really enjoy cutting letters and pictures out of magazines. I'm currently working on a letter to a friend that recently moved away.

    9. I love laying around and watching movies with my boyfriend.

    10. I love beautiful pictures. I can look at pictures for hours and hours. Peering into people's live, breathtaking scenery, and just creative shots of the unexpected make me smile.

  8. Lindsay, one thing you can definitely do is live vicariously through me as far as birds go! Sometimes I feel like people may get tired of hearing about her, but since I mainly work from home, we spend all of our time together!

    Tori, I love reading, too! I usually can't wait until I can go to bed just so I can get back to my book! I also ride four wheelers, but I live on a farm way out in the country, so it's pretty much expected! When we get snow, my husband and I like to pull each other on the sled tied behind the four wheeler. It's so fun!

  9. This is a lot of fun. I am planning on doing it next week. Oh, congrats on your award. This is fantastic!!

  10. i love these sorts of posts! i love a good house cleaning too :) and i love baking...if i could just stay in my kitchen all day i would!


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