today i've been...

...sort of busy and sort of lazy. I slept in until 9am which never happens, but it felt so good! I had lunch with Chris, his grandma and his aunt, and then I drilled a few bullet casings and had Chris drill a few, too (my heart still races when my hands get near a spinning bit). I did a little house cleaning (which still needs to be finished), and I also did some hammering and made these earrings...

The first pair is 12K gold-filled and citrine, and the second pair is made with sterling silver and amethyst. I stopped wearing earrings several years ago when Flojo decided to start pulling them out (I lost lots of earrings & backs), so I'm still trying to decide if I should put these in my etsy shop or give them away.

Have you had a good weekend so far, and what have you done? I hope you've eaten a healthier snack than my black cherry ice cream (and I'm going back for seconds)!


  1. Both pairs are so pretty. You've got some serious talent. ♥
    I slept in, too. Only til 8:30 (which is actually far from sleeping in. But I've been trying to get up earlier, so this was sleeping in.)
    I've got chocolate cake and samoa cookie ice cream, but haven't had any today. Yet. I have been snacking on peanut m&m's, though.
    Sounds like you're having a delightful and productive weekend. Hope it continues to be good.

  2. I'm new to your blog, found my way here from Dolce Vita. And now I am going to acquaint myself with your Etsy shop because those are some seriously cute earrings!

    Also, black cherry ice cream is wonderment. Hm, I may need to purchase some tonight.

  3. your jewelry is always so amazing. you are a seriously talented lady.

    i've had a SUPER lazy day. craig went snowboarding and he took the car and the other one's a stick shift which i can't drive, so i've been homebound all day. bleh.

    and i haven't eaten better than you. much much worse actually. chocolate gummi bears, chips, and cheese. no bueno.

  4. Crissy, I can't believe I slept until 9, because I'm usually up around 7:30! Peanut M&M's are good, and I haven't had any in a while...hmmmm...

    Annie, thanks for visiting! You can't go wrong with black cherry ice cream (even if it is cold outside)!

    Lauren, thank you! Being homebound is always so bad for snacking. I've just finished cleaning, so I'm about to eat pretzels and cheese (like I need to considering I should be cooking dinner). Oh well!

  5. I LOVE that first pair. I may have looked at your etsy right away to see if they were up lol they're beautiful!

    Ok, i feel like the laziest girl... if i have a day to sleep in, "sleeping in" to me can mean 11 a.m. (or later). LOL this is one thing that is COMPLETELY diff. from me and my fiance. He wakes up at 7. I've never been a morning person.

    I'm such a night owl.

    today i went to a used book store and bought an old edition of "Little Women" for $3 and bought vintage postcards from the paper store at Farm Basket. Talked to my Mom back in Texas and my bestie in N. Dakota. and now having a cup of coffee before dinner with his parents while i dry some towels.

    i sound like a ton of fun don't i? :)


  6. Micaela, Chris can sleep until 11 as well. I've never been able to do it! I actually don't usually get much sleep, because I get a lot of things done after Chris goes to bed, so I end up going at about 1-1:30am, then I wake up at about 7am. So this morning was nice!

    Did you go to the book store on Memorial Ave? I've been in there a few times, but for one reason or another, I've never been able to stay for more than a few minutes. I love the smell of old books, and I think I could spend an entire day surrounded by them!

    Aaaand, I meant to get back to you about the postcards. I know I've seen them, but I can't remember where. I was thinking that maybe the visitor's center downtown may have them. Don't you love the Farm Basket? I could spend so much money in there if I didn't think Chris would get mad at me!

  7. oh wow! i dont wear earrings much i have a ton of them though. i only sem to wear coconut ones that jacob got me.
    but the 1st pair is AMAZING!
    i would totally wear them and dress up for a change!
    love them. you always make the preetiest things:)

  8. 9am is sleeping in?
    i wake up at 4 am on weekdays only bc of bootcamp. other than that i wake up 9 or 10 and thats early. im a bum!

  9. danielle my bell... wow, i'm speechless!
    those first earrings are absolutely amazing!

    i have no words

    xo majilliongrillion

  10. if you like pretzels and cheese you should try popcorn and cheese... so freakin goooooooood!

    i slept in till 8, blogged, took a shower, ate a tuna sandwich for lunch, played legos with the girls, skateboarded as a family and then we all went on a bile ride to get some frozen yogurt.... yumm... i could eat it for every meal!

    i hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

  11. 4am?!?!? You've got a lot more motivation than I do, that's for sure! 9 or 10 doesn't make you a bum, by brother wakes up at 1 inthe afternoon...HE is a bum!

    Kassi, thank yooooouuu! I'm a hammering maniac. Seriously, I have to run Chris out of the house just so I can keep on hammering and he won't have to listen to it!
    xo zillionbillionbunches

  12. Kassi, your weekend sounds fun. If I didn't live on a gravel road out in the country, I'd definitely get a skateboard. My brother and I used to skate together and I loved it.

    You're right, popcorn and cheese is amazing! I used to eat it every time I had a sleepover with my cousin Elizabeth! YUM!

  13. you've had popcorn and cheese?!!
    i knew i liked you... ;-)
    i have never ever met anyone else besides my best friend who has tried popcorn and cheese (besides the peeps i've told)

    we cut chunks up, take a bite of the cheese (has to be sharp cheddar), put a handful of popcorn in our mouths and let the two melt together.... aw. i ate it yesterday in fact!

    how do you eat it?

  14. ps. one of your followers has pictures of naked boobies as her profile pic.... hmmmm

    congrats on the followers! i'm so glad peeps have found your blog and love it as much as i do! but i'll always be your number one fan! ;-)

  15. hi Danielle,
    I hear ya with the bird and earring things, although, Posey is really good when I tell her no with my nose ring... ALTHOUGH, both pairs of those are very, very beautiful! My mom loves earrings and she is always asking me to make some for her (its my fall back gift if I don't have one on certain gift giving occasions).

    I also feel ya with the 9 am wake up. I like to get up before 7:30 or 8 and have my morning time, drink some tea, etc... but it does feel good when I actually get enough sleep even if that means sleeping 'til 9. I get kinda cranky and whatnot when I don't sleep enough.

    We had some friends visit for a few hours today and I was so hungry a little while after they got here, so Andy made NACHOS! He makes THE BEST nachos ever... mmmmm..... nachos! oh. he also made a small batch of quesadillas that we sooo delicious!
    But now my sweet tooth is kicking in... I just may have to satiate it.

    Have a good night!

  16. Kassi, I've had popcorn with the cheese sprinkle stuff (made just for popcorn) and I also dip it in cheese dip, like the stuff made for tortilla chips. SO good!
    Yeah, I saw the boobies yesterday, hahaha! I still can't believe how many followers I've gotten in such a short period of time. Like I said, it's all thanks to made me remember to update it! I'm your number one fan, too times a bagillionzillion!

    Brittan, I'm glad Posey listens when you say no. If I tell Flojo no, she just looks at me for a second, says something in her birdie language and goes right back to doing it!
    Mmmmm, nachos sound delicious! I had some nachos and Mexican with a friend for lunch on Thursday, and I'm thinking I might see if Chris wants to go tomorrow! I'm in the mood for another chimichanga!

  17. I Love,Love,Love the purple ones:) I keep checking out all these blogs and I'm soooo jealous, I wish I could just pick up some random items and make something wonderful out of it.
    You are inspiring:)

  18. Both earrings are so beautiful, you really make some amazing jewellery.

    Ahhh I need to get into a routine!

    I'm really wanting some black cherry icecream right now! (and its 4am!) I've eaten loads of chocolate and coffee recently, its just too nice! x

  19. Danielle, Yes! the one on Memorial Ave. We were driving around on my search for local postcards and i told him to stop so i could mosey around. We couldn't stay long because he had to work, but i was charmed as soon as i found the classics section.

    His parents took me to the farm basket the first time i visited last summer and i fell in love with the food, the gelato, the creek behind the buildings, and OF COURSE, all the stuff i just want to buy. :) so many cute stuff!

    the lady at the paper store there suggested the Visitor's Center downtown too, so thank-you! I am curious to check it out anyway.

    ps. Kassie & Danielle, i noticed the boobies too! haha

  20. Micaela, I've been going to Farm Basket since I was little and collected stickers. They had all sorts of stickers on rolls, and my grandma would take me and let me pick some out. Now I'm over stickers, but I love the sandwiches, plants, everything!

    If you go to the visitor's center and they don't have postcards, it's not a wasted trip because you can walk over to the market and eat kabobs! My dad hauled us there every weekend as kids because he was addicted to those kabobs!

  21. i love both pairs of those earrings, though the first pair has my heart! so pretty; i just love your jewelry!

    i kind of like busy/lazy days...they're a good balance i think. my weekend has mostly been lazy though. full of movie watching and hot yoga going (which was something of a disaster! yikes!)

    i hope your sunday is wonderful!

  22. I absolutely love the citrine earrings so gorgeous. WOW! Well done. Have a good day!:0)

  23. I really like those first ones. Gorgeous!

  24. Very nice, I love the stones on the second pair!

  25. I am totally in love with your earrings!! I am sucker for stones to begin with, and the way you work with them is amazing!! I laugh when I see your fun pictures too!! You are quickly turning me into a regular my dear!


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