wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list Wednesday is all about vintage displays. Pretty much everything in my house has come from a thrift shop or antique store, and it's all had a previous life which I think makes it so much more exciting! Sometimes, it's fun to give new life to an old item in a completely different way!

I don't currently have a glass dome, or cloche, but it's on my list of things to look for. I plan to put mine on an old plate or tray (of which I have MANY) and put a small plant under it.

I've got pencils and pens all over the place, and a nice and interesting way to control the madness is by putting them in a flower frog, be it metal or glass!

I only have a few actual vases (which stay in the cabinet under the kitchen sink) because I'd much rather put flowers in an old pitcher or decorative old drinking glass. I think it gives the arrangement more character, and it gives me a reason to have even more old dishes!

I like using trays to hang on the wall and use as magnetic memo or polaroid boards. It gives my walls some color, it's easy on my wallet and it gives me a reason to use some of my vintage button stash to make cute magnets!

Not only do I like regular framed art hanging on the walls, but I also love to hang beautiful old plates with pretty designs. It's a nice way to make the walls of your kitchen or dining room (or any room for that matter) a little more festive, and I don't think you can go wrong with the delicate beauty of old plates and serving trays!
From the top: three small vintage glass cloches from kissavintagedesign, fruitful display from fromgraytogold, frog for flowers by ellacinders, vintage pastel banded glass pitcher from sosovintage, beaded vintage drinking glasses from vintageinteriors, large round vintage light blue metal tray from modishvintage, pretty collection of small vintage plates from theprettynest.
Last, you can ask me any question you'd like, and I'll post the answers on Friday. And if you haven't signed up for the knick knack exchange or emailed me your address yet, please do, the partner info will be sent out on February 1st!


  1. um, yeah, you have 99 followers! so cool!

    i love the pencil idea!
    and i love old trays too - i have a fun collection but i don't put them on my walls anymore... dan wasn't crazy about it i now use them to display pretties or magazines on my coffee table or to eat with when we watch movies. i love trays! and that turquoise one is fab!
    love all your wishlist items. pretty pretty!


  2. What a cute selection of goods! I really love the glass dome idea, and that cupcake looked delicious!=)

  3. I love the collection you have... I really like the idea of using an old milk or water jug as a vase for flowers. :)

  4. Kassi, I also like to use tray as a base for displaying other cute things. I pretty much have them on every surface! As for 99 followers...can you believe it?!?!? I think I'll do a 100th follower giveaway just for fun!
    xoxo zilliontrillioninfinity!

    Gabrielle, that cupcake does look good! It makes me want a snack!

  5. such cute wishes!
    loving the display ideas.

  6. i love the pear dome! that is too cute! i love a vintage wishlist! all of it is oh so beautiful!

  7. i am slooooooowly collecting pretty plates to put up on my walls too!!!

    too pretty!

  8. Im a sucker for pretty dishes. I just bought a stack yesterday! I may have to start a wall arrangement because I'm running out of other things to do with them!

    Loving all the prettiest you shared today!

  9. Jozen, I've got drawers and boxes full of vintage plates that I just can't wait to hang on my walls! I also have 9 plate hangers for the arrangement I'm doing on a wall in my dining room!

  10. Lauren, you must have hit the jackpot yesterday! I still can't get over the ladder you got for $20!

  11. I love all of these ideas. I really want to hang plates on our walls, we're using vintage cake plates at our wedding so maybe that's how we'll use them after the wedding.

  12. Okay, I have to have the pear dome. And the serving tray. And the vases. And a bigger apartment to put it all in.

  13. Love the glass domes!
    So excited about the exchange!!

  14. Cole, that sounds like a good idea for your cake plates!

    Risti, when we moved in a bigger house, I ended up buying more, and now I still don't have room for it!

    Megan, I can't wait for the exchange either! I sort of want to end it sooner, but I know I can't!

  15. I have an old metal frog which i use for the very same thing.
    and i just received your giveaway package.
    (i posted photos on my blog.)
    thank you so very much!

  16. those vintage glasses make me swoon! and i love the glass dome idea too! i've been dreaming of a little terrarium for my coffee table!

  17. I love the fruit display! adorable!


  18. Oh i'm convinced- I NEED a glass dome.

    question, how does one display plates on the wall? i have always wanted to, but i'm not sure how?

    i use a mason jar for my pens and markers, but i'm in love with the flower frog.

    speaking of art... another question for you to answer (rather show!) on friday... what is your favourite piece of art in your house?

  19. Your wishlist has become mine :)
    Can't wait to get my partner. Still don't know if I will make something or if I will buy something....

  20. love the fruitful display!!


  21. I have glass domes, but that pear shaped one, OOOoooooo. I got all mine at garage sales, goooood prices to be had.

  22. such beautiful things! thanks for sharing!

  23. i love my glass dome, & if you turn it upside down it turns into a punch bowl. (which i have never done but hey maybe someday).but i want one of those mini ones for cupcakes!!


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