wishlist wednesday!

Today's wish list is inspired by my tired eyes and sleep deprivation; my strong need for a comfy place to lay my heavy head. I've been meaning to make a colorful pillow or two for my giant sofa, but window shopping is more fun!

I've been meaning to take a few pictures of this next item for the last two weeks, and I've finally managed to do it! I'm not much of a coat person, but I adore most any type of sweater or cardigan (especially when they're vintage), and anything is better if it has animals, so obviously I'm in love with this one! I got it for the tiny price of $3, and once I finally get around to hand washing it (it's wool), I'll finally be able to wear it!

Pillows, from the top: missmosh, lpfleiger, west elm, appetitehome, anthropologie, lilybethgoodies.

Last, don't forget to sign up for the knick knack exchange! If you've said you wanted to participate but haven't emailed me your mailing address, please do because I'll be sending out partner info on February 1st!


  1. what a steal!! now I'M jealous! LOL

  2. i love the pillow photos!
    and what a steal for the sweater! i'm a cardi girl myself!

    xxoo milliongazilliontrillion

  3. i love all the pillows!
    and that sweater is way too cute!

  4. Jozen, I couldn't believe it was so cheap! Gotta love thrift stores!

    Kassi, aren't cardigans great? I love the way they can go with everything, prety much all year long.

    xoxo gazilliontrillioninfinity

    Chelsea, your blog is so cute, and you really are a goofball!

  5. Awww pillows, you cant have enough. My husband says you can, but I beg to differ.

    Got your butto in the blog now, so excited for the exchange.

  6. What do husbands know? Mine says I have too many lamps, and I say he has too many tools!
    Thanks for adding the button!

  7. loving the pillows! can you go wrong with ruffles or bunches like the last one?

    and the cardi... love it.

    my husband-to-be says i have way too many mirrors. and heels. but yes, what do men know? ;)

  8. when I was little, my mom knit me a sweater that looked just like that one, but it was yellow, with a horse head on it instead of a deer...but I think that she may have made one just like this for my dad!

  9. I absolutely LOVE your sweater. So gorgeous!! What a great found!!! Adorable!!! Comfort in style. I love pillows too. Actually, on our couch we have six; all in different size and colors and one in fake fur in grey color for the recliner. It took us a year to find a recliner chair for my husband as it needed to find all the comfort requirements. Plus on the couch, each of us has a "bunny" cover. I called it bunny because I got the caramel fake fur and he has the chocolate one. It is good to have definitely when the heat is not working properly. I like the mustard pillow from your selection. Have a good day!

  10. I love the pillow at the top and the sweater is absolutely adorable!

  11. that sweater is beyond amazing!

  12. Micaela, my husband always tells me I have too many shoes, and compared to him I do, but I always try to tell him that I don't have that many compared to most women. Oh well, when I get another pair, I just don't tell him!

    A yellow sweater with a horse, CAPow, I'm jealous! I love old sweaters with knit animals!

    Catherine, you have such good style with clothing, I'm sure your house is decorated with that same great style!

  13. Those pillows are awesome! And your deer sweater is too, when I was younger I had a sweater vest with pigs but was too self conscious to wear it.

  14. that sweater is rad, and i especially love pillow #4 :).

    hope you had a good day today girly!

  15. wishlist wednesday is fun! that's the greatest cardigan EVER!!! i wear sweaters always:)

  16. i want that green chair! mucho mucho!
    this was a lovely post like always!
    and how are you today?
    i bet you could make those pillows!

  17. Brandi, I want that chair, too! My living room is so bare I look like a serial killer, and that chair would be PERFECT!

  18. That is an awesome deer sweater. Do wear that with pride!;) Love your blog:)


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