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I know that there are a few people who don't like animals, but they're the bees knees to me, and without them life just wouldn't be as cute and enjoyable! Images from weheartit and the last picture is Miss Flojo, a.k.a. Dinosaur Toes.

I also wanted to jump on the badwagon and do these questions. I've never done a questionnaire or the like on here, so I guessed it was a good time to start! Here goes...

-1. If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick one person to be stranded with you..Who would you pick? Family members not included. I'd want to be stranded with Sophie Kinsella because if I'm in a dismal situation, I'd like to be able to laugh a little, maybe then the situation wouldn't seem so bad.

-2. Do you read celebrity gossip? No. The closest I get is looking at the covers of rag mags while I stand in line at the grocery store.

-3. Favorite show you're watching this season? I've been watching Nip/Tuck since it first aired, but I stopped watching it several weeks ago. The only thing I'm watching now is the box set of The Shield.

-4. How tall are you? Technically I'm about 5' 1.5" but since I'd like to have a little extra height, I just round up and say 5' 2".

-5. What was the last book you read? The last book was The Cranberry Queen. Don't waste your time, it was terrible. I'm currently reading Wicked.

-6. Flats or heels? I'm completely anti-heels, even thought I'd like to be taller. I live in flats.

-7. If you had to choose one natural disaster to go through, what would you choose..Earthquake, Tornado, or Hurricane? I think hurricane. I don't really have a reason.

-8. Thong, panties, or (gasp) granny panties? Thong. I can't stand anything else.


  1. love all the pretty animals!

    we used to have two budgies, margo and dingo... i keep trying to talk dan into more birds... but he got rats instead.

    so fun that you did the questions!
    i love sophie kinsella!


  2. We had rats when I was young. People get sort of freaked out, but I think rats are sweet. Maybe you'll have luck talking Dan into birds, I just love them so much!

    Yay, you're a Sophie Kinsella fan! I also like Emily Giffin and Plum Sykes, but when non of them have a new book out, I have to settle for something else, hence Wicked.

  3. rats are sweet... our little remy just died on us so we had to get two more... they are tannyn's besties.

    birds are just so easy... and sweet... and i love hearing them 'talk'. our dog ruca ate one of our birds - it was HORRID.

    i do love sophie! i know she has some new books out that i haven't read yet so i need to get on it! i haven't read a book for fun in months.... and i'm a reader so it really is very sad. :-(

  4. I dont think I could live without my sweet Oliver.

  5. thank you so much for showing me that link! that is so awesome, i really appreciate it and LOVE stuff like that! :) i have so much i can work on as a person, but seriously, one act of kindness can affect the world more than we know! so thanks for sharing that :)

    p.s. this post is so cute! i love all of those animals! and i loved learning more about you! you are so cute and talented!! i am excited for you to announce the winner of your giveaway! i just entered! wahoo!

  6. Chloe, when Chris (my husband) gets home, I'm going to tell him that he got a visit to the site, I know he'll be excited. We've done so many and given out those cards, but like I said, there hasn't been much response, but I guess if we expected a response, it wouldn't be a true altruism!

    Thanks for the compliments, and I enjoy your blog. It's so pretty, and I enjoy your witty posts. Thanks for entering my giveaway, good luck!

  7. i still gotta do mine too! whoops!
    im so behind!
    i love all your animal photos so pretty:)


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