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Time for another pretty series post. I actually have some other things to talk about, but I'm so tired and my eyes are so heavy, I thought I'd save that for tomorrow and just show you a few pretty pictures. I like seeing how others decorate their spaces, and sometimes they give me a few ideas...

I especially love the bedroom in the first picture, and I just might get some ideas from it... Pretty pictures found at weheartit.

I wanted to say a big huge thank you to all of the lovely followers and those who read my blog. I probably think about that way too much, but I'm always smiling when I see that I have a new comment or follower!

Lastly, I'll be emailing those participating in the knick knack exchange on February 1st with their partner's info. It's not too late to sign up, and I still need addresses from a few people who wanted to participate. I can't wait to send and receive these little packages!


  1. the first picture looks like your colors. :)

    I have always loved those lines from Tolkien. What a great thing to have up in a house, esp. if it was your own.

    I can't wait for the Knick Knack Exchange :) i'm sure i've said that ten times already and will probably say it another ten.

  2. I'm excited about the exchange, too! We've got about 50 people participating so far, so I think we should be paired with people we don't know (or know well).

  3. the pics are beautiful... i used to want a winding staircase in my house... but then i had kids and now i hate stairs.

    50 people participating - that is wonderful, snow! so exciting. i can't wait to see who i get paired up with!


  4. Wow, such lovely spaces. I wish I could figure out how to spruce mine up. Well, I have ideas, I just don't have the time (and esp. don't have the $$$.) Still, it's fun to dream.

    50 participants?! Way to go! I'm pretty excited about it. Hooray. :)

    I'm the same about new comments and followers. I smile so big when I notice one or the other (and especially both!)

  5. I love the first two pics. I am always inspired by other peoples spaces. I am off thrifting this afternoon so hopefully i will find something fantastic. Excited about the swap!

  6. Kassi, I wish I had stairs, but I'm sure that once I have a child I'll be glad I don't!
    I'm not picking hte partners myself because I may want to pick my favorite :) but I can't wait to see who I get paired with!
    (xoxo gazillions infinity)

    Crissy, I know what you mean about wanting to spruce things up around the house. Our house is pretty bare and I'd like to get more furniture and pictures for the walls, but it all adds up really quick!

    Megan, have fun thrifting! I need to go again, not because I need anything, but because I miss the thrill of a deal!

  7. those are gorgeous and inspiring spaces!

  8. Saw your blog mentioned & I love it! :-)
    Your title is so sweet, really looking forward to being a new follower!


  9. I love all of the colors in these pictures.
    I'm so excited for the swap too! I keep trying to think of things to send, do you have a suggestion for how much to send?

  10. ooo, good choices in pictures... very inspiring! can't wait for the exchange, what a great idea it is, thanks for all your coordinating for it!

  11. these are lovely spaces! i really like the first one and third one! makes me excited for the knick knack exchange!!

  12. these are gorgeous! the pink stairs is fab!

    love your blog dear!


  13. thanks for all the pretty photos!!

    oohhoohh... can't wait to for the exchange. super duper excited!! LOL

  14. i want that "love" headboard! so pretty. i wish i could decorate with pink. craig would never go for it :(.

  15. those quilts are amazing.
    and that mantle!

    also, i'm excited to hear that so many people are involved in the knick-knack exchange!

  16. The nesting dolls and pink spiral staircase are my favorite!! Very pretty images and a great way to start a Friday!

  17. LOVE the love headboard. That room is amazing! and the spiral staircase is fantastic!

  18. i love this post. the pictures are so inspiring ! ty so much!
    im sick but i can start dreaming of what to do!

  19. man! ok i want the headboard the chez lounge...ummmm the stairwell everything in every pic!!!


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