working the brass and working my muscles

You may think a 2lb. brass hammer wouldn't get heavy, but you would be wrong. Pounding away with that thing made my wrist feel like al dente linguine! Brass may be a soft metal comparatively, but once you start hammering, shaping and forging, it starts to get harder, much harder! Luckily my labor bore fruit...

I've got another horseshoe necklace made, but not photographed. I have plans to do a little more hammering tomorrow, but first I'll have to check with my wrist.

On a more delicious note, I can't end this post without paying homage to the magic that was my dinner. Broiled shrimp (no poop, Kassi) seasoned with Old Bay, garlic mashed potatoes, and since I'm from the south, cornbread muffins. Mmm mmmmm!


  1. okay, i LOVE the ring... very pretty danielle and i am so impressed with your jewelry making skills.... sorry your wrist is sore though!

    and.... i was dying when i read about your dinner! i'm so glad there was no poop in your shrimp ;-) - ick! i LOVE shrimp though... and your dinner sounds delish!

    AND i have a question for you... maybe it's in your profile but i keep forgetting to look... how old are you?

    aaaaaannnnnddd... if i haven't said it lately.... i so enjoy your blog and your wit and your lovely comments you leave on my blog. xxoo

  2. Kassi, you're a sweetie, that's for sure! Thank you for the comliment on my "skills."

    I'm 27, and I'll be 28 in April. On a related note, I went to an antique shop with my dad and stepmom this evening and the owner thought I was 18! I don't want to be 18 again, but I'm happy that I've aged gracefully so far!

    I'm glad you read my blog, and I always enjoy your comments. I also love reading your blog, looking at your pictures, and hearing about what's going on in Cali! Thanks for being such a great blogger friend!

  3. that ring is so beatiful! i love it! way to go!

  4. my birthday is in april too! when in april is yours?

    i always get asked if i'm in my teens or early twenties... i always thought it was so annoying since i have three kids... but now that i'm almost thirty, i don't mind it at all! yay for looking young!

    i'm glad we're bloggy friends :-)

    ps. did you get some good stuff at the antique store?

  5. so pretty! you are sooo talented i'm way impressed!!!

  6. i adore hammered brass.
    and your pieces are stunning.

  7. Thanks for the compliments, guys. I really appreciate it!

    Kassi, my birthday is on the 16th, what about yours? Are you a stubborn aries as well?!?

    When I was in high school an people thought I was 12, I HATED it, but now I don't mind looking young, I actually think it's amusing!

    I actually didn't get anything at the antique store, but I may be going back on Sunday afternoon. There are two BEAUTIFUL framed antique bird lithos that I really want, and one of them has two blue jays, so of course it was sort of special! Antique stores are such a tease for me because I seriously want to take everything home!

  8. i'm in love with this ring. your jewelry skills are seriously awesome.

    hope your wrist feels better tomorrow!

  9. my bday is on the 4th and i'll be 30. ahhh!!!

    i love antiquing but, like you, it is a tease for me too. i always want so much and i usually have a stupid $50 limit that the hus gives me.... ugh. i much prefer antique stores over thrift stores. i never have luck at thrift stores.

    you should so go back and get those pretties!

  10. Lauren, thank you! My wrist is either better or stronger because I've been able to do a lot more hammering today!

    Kassi, you're lucky to have that $50 limit. Chris is such a cheapskate. He thinks that if I spend $20 it's too much! I've been dropping little hints about those pictures, so hopefully he'll be okay with me adding them to our home. Thrift stores are hit or miss with me. The last few times I've gone I've actually had a lot of luck finding some good, old housewares. There is this antique store here (they've actually expanded to three buildings) and they have the fine, expensive antiques in the front room, but in the back rooms and upstairs are the less affordable, and sometimes super cheap, antiques. That's where I've gotten pretty much everything in my house!


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