fresh flowers and new shoes, oh my!

Aside from the annoying pollen, my favorite thing about spring is the flowers! I adore all the beautiful blooms, and I really, REALLY love it when a bush is so full of flowers it becomes weighted, just begging me to pick some of its beautiful gifts! In addition to irises (which were laying on the ground there were so many blooms), I picked these pretty peonies, so I'm sure you can imagine how sweet my house smells right now!

Now to the most exciting bit... Micaela found this uber cute pair of moccasin boots, and I knew I need them; like couldn't function or breathe without them kind of need. So, she got this pair and we worked out a bit if a trade, but I think it's fair to say Micaela got jipped! We met up on Sunday to exchange goods, and it wasn't until the cute blonde girl at the video store commented on their awesomeness that Chris decided they were kind of cute ;)

Yes, my legs really are that white. It's not a camera trick. I thought I'd jump on the trampoline in my bathing suit to try and get a little color today, but it ended up being so hot, and "Aunt Flow" was kind enough to gift me with one heck of a headache, so I decided a short walk outside was enough; any attempts at a tan will have to wait until another day.

If you haven't entered the GIVEAWAY yet, please do! The winner will be announced tomorrow evening, so be sure you don't miss out!


  1. i love me some M and i love those boots and the flowers.

    i guess i should just say, i love this post!

  2. Those boots are crazy cute--what was Micaela's end of the trade??

  3. summer, i love her, too! she's too sweet, for sure.

    claire, micaela got a headband, mix cd's and some cold, hard cash.

  4. eeek i love those shoes!!!! amazing!
    and im sure no one gets jipped when they get something from you!

  5. love your boots and i bet your house smells so lovely with those flowers :). hope you're having a lovely day dearie!

  6. OH MY!!!!!!! Those mocs are AMAZING!!!!

  7. Pollen = my enemy. Especially this year, for some reason. My eyes have been all itchy and scratchy (heh) for almost a month now.

  8. PS.) I love those boots! Just had to share that. :)

  9. ha, YOU got jipped ;) and i can't believe you hid a finder's fee when i told you no money! i adore you and those moccs are PERFECT for you! (aren't they comfy!?) i giggled at the comment about the video store girl ;) your husband is adorable D!

    and just so you know.... i've gotten so many compliments on my headband from people & bloggers alike!

    j'adore your nail polish color and flowers! me and max got in a brief misunderstanding (boys!) yesterday and he gave me orchids- they are the prettiest flowers! no ones ever given them to me before so he was forgiven ;) seeing as i don't have a green thumb, did you know for orchids you just give them 3 ice cubs a week to water them? maybe i'm weird and am the only one that finds that interesting! lol

    enjoy our VA sunshine! "aunt flow" be damned. ;)


  10. those boots are sooo cute! i love them! and i bet those flowers smell lovely.. i think that is what my house is missing..some fresh flowers! i should probably get some! p.s. i am way whiter than you are! i need some sun bad!

  11. you are so lucky to have these flowers!! i am always afraid to pick flowers, because i worry that someone will get mad at me! haha...

    so funny that your boy didn't like the shoes til the blonde did! silly boy.

  12. Those are super cute boots! I love them!

    And the flowers - lovely!

  13. T-R-A-M-P-O-L-I-N-E!!!! It's so opposite here. It's so cold that I can't stand the wind everytime I jump on mine :( I love your boots! adorable! have a great day


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