a few things i love around other homes

I'm sorry, but I didn't have time to take pictures of the two things I'm loving around my home this Tuesday, but to still (kind of) get in on the action, I figured I'd share a few things I'm loving in someone elses home! I think these rooms are super amazing because I'm not one for bright or excessive colors, and I also love the look of mixing old and new, hard and soft; I can appreciate a good juxtaposition!

What's your decoration style like, and do you have specific colors or collections that you use or look for when you're shopping? I'll admit that I collect pretty much everything, but when the majority or your home's contents come from thrift and junk shops (such as mine), it's hard to pass up such a bargain! My favorites are milk glass, old dishes (they're good for wall hangings and for collecting jewelry or just about anything else), painted or enameled trays, and old silver or brass.

Super exciting news... I've decided what the next giveaway will be, and I'll post it in the next few weeks! If you like vintage, I think you're going to like this!


  1. Two things I'm loving in my home this week? My bed and my tissue box. I am sick as all heck and have been positively glued to my bed when I'm not at work.

    As for decoration style, I like warm colors and I'm fond of knick-knacks (my boyf would say *too* fond, heh). I love accent pieces, like a unique wall hanging or chair, etc. Above all, I like what I like to call "shabby elegance" -- not so pristine you are scared to breathe in that room, but appealing to the eye all the same.

  2. That's it I have finally decided everywhere is going white! Apart from the small people's rooms,they get to chose their own colours.
    I've been umming and aahhing for ages trying to decide how to make everything gel together and going white is the way I think I need to go.

    My style is thrift shops and anything weird and wonderful. For example I have a pair of hand shaped bookends, a glass head, a wooden toadstool and bowl full of heart stones in my living room - as well as lots of other junk :)

  3. i also like subdued colors, it keeps eclectic things from becoming overwhelming. i don't collect anything because i'm sort of a minimalist but i always have the urge to start, when thrifting :)

  4. hah, i love your rule! we live in a studio so any real clutter clutters my mind ... my rule is nothing cluttery.

    thanks for appreciating my writing, in all honesty i blog to keep myself accountable and to actually try to write well. i'm not satisfied, yet, but thanks for the encouragement!

  5. you have the best picture finds! love the photos. thanks for sharing :) can't wait to find out what your next giveaway is. as for my decor style. i'm so modern, although I wish I had a girlie room. Pretty ruffles, pinks, whites and flowers. I also love a really good painting. I would decorate a room around a really great painting ;)

  6. I kind of do like excessive color, haha. Not so much like paint exploded everywhere, but I like bright accents and art and flowers and stuff like that. I'm also really drawn to jewel colors . . . deep reds and turquoise, deep royal shiny purple, etc. I love all kinds of feminine details, esp. the dresses hanging on the walls!!

  7. all of these spaces are incredibly inspiring.

  8. the second and third are my favorite! i want i want! but i have way too much stuff:(

  9. That last room is beeeautiful! My design style is throw everything in that I love and hope for the best, so very eclectic :) hehe



  10. The last room is soooo my style that it is just not funny. Did they take a picture from my mind?!

  11. I want all of those amazing mirrors! Vintage mirrors are my current obsession. (but then Josh made me watch that scary movie where the demons live in the mirrors).
    Our house is very vintage-esque. I think its part habit, part cheapness, & part I have great taste ;) Josh hates all the stuff I thrift so I tend to do major deco changes when he is away for work.

  12. Hello! As I don't read all my fav blogs every day, I catch up every few days. I must tell you that I always enjoy checking back in with you and your blog :)

    As for these rooms, I love 'em. What fun!

    Take care,


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