pretty pressies & metal

First off, let me say that I'm not insulting your intelligence by stating the obvious, but I've made a few changes to le blog. I wanted my pictures to be a bit wider, and that meant editing my html and finally making a new banner. I'm still not sure if I'm sold, so if you'd care to share your thoughts, I'd happy to hear/read them!

I'm not sure how many of you participated in the love vintage exchange that Kellie over at rice babies hosted, but let me just say that the idea was genius, and I seriously got the best packages (I had two partners)! I couldn't photograph everything I received since there's a storm brewin' and the sun has disappeared, but here are my favorites...

These two items were sent to my by Lucy. When I started to open the necklace I didn't actually know what in the world it was, but I could see rocks, which I thought was awesome since I love rocks so much. Then I saw a bit of the rope and i was completely confused. Finally I saw that it was a necklace and I was in love. I've already tried it on with several solid color tops and dresses, and it definitely gives a boring outfit the right amount of awesome!

My second favorite from that package is this pretty bird dish. I know it will be hung somewhere in my kitchen, but I haven't decided on the perfect spot yet; somewhere that will bring it the attention it deserves! In addition to the necklace and dish, I got a pretty mini picture in a gold frame, 1940's black and white photos (many from Germany, my homeland), a brooch and a pair of earrings!

The other package I got was from the sweet as candy Carlen. I have to admit, I wasn't able to pick a favorite, so I photographed the items that were closest. I'm not sure if she saw the "two things I love around my home" post where I shared a vintage hand mirror, but I really love them, so imagine my surprise when i opened up that golden beauty!

Candy. Enough said, right? I may or may not have eaten an entire box of the candy cigarettes in one sitting. Yeah. Yum. She also sent me pretty embroidered hankies and dresser scarves, handmade tissue cozies, and cute little notes explaining each item she picked for me! Aren't packages fun?!?!? Yes, they are!

I had originally planned on walking up to the garage (in the country there are fields between any and all structures) to test out an idea I had for pendants on the metal lathe, but considering the rain is coming down hard enough to possibly drown me as I step out of the door, I guess I'll wait. have you done anything fun or crafty this weekend? Oh, and in case you're wondering what in the heck a metal lathe is, here's a deep and informative voice to explain it for you...


  1. that sounds like an amazing exchange and I'm sad to have missed it! You look lovely in the necklace! And how did you make your own banner (I like it btw!)?

  2. what an awesome exchange! that necklace is amazing! is it heavy??

  3. claire, thank you! i made my banner in photoshop with an image i found on we heart it.

    jamie, i hope she has another vintage exchange because my packages were so fun! the necklace isn't too heavy because the stones are plastic (but they look real)!

  4. Those are some seriously nice pressies, particularly the necklace! You wear it well. :)

    I'm loving the new banner and wider layout.

    Oh, and I answered your question regarding Cuban parents back on my blog if you want to go see...

    P.S.) My word verification for this comment is "tulua." I think it's kinda pretty, I don't know why.

  5. danielle its great!!! i love the header and the wider photos! i wish we knew how to make our photos larger! someday we shall have a great new layout:)
    and i love your gifts!
    the necklace suits you:)

  6. I like the new layout. It's very clean pretty!

    B from A plus B

  7. what wonderful items! i love swaps :) the necklace is wonderfully gorgeous.

  8. Danielle that necklace is PERFECTLY you!!! i love it!!! and funny enough, i got lucy too! lol she's such a gift giving goddess. i need to post my exchange soon. I agree; kellie's swap was genius.

    i wanna see what you sent. :)

    the rain yesterday was plain crazy wasn't it? it's my happy weather though.

    i love the new banner! i really need a new blog makeover... i should hire you to do it cos i love your space. seriously! let me know? ;)


  9. I think your blog looks great! Good job!

  10. what rad presents! love the stone necklace and the bird plate is just too cute for words.

    just wanted to say hello and i hope you have a lovely week!


  11. i like the new header and that necklace is lovely!

  12. ah yay! the necklace looks lovely on you!!!!!
    so glad you like it!
    lucy x


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