i'm a worrier...

Chris may call me anal retentive, but I call myself detail-oriented. I'm so detail-oriented, I work myself into a panicked frenzy weeks before an event or happening. Case in point, I haven't flown into Philadelphia Int'l for 9 years, and Terminal F was only an idea back then...

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I've been looking at the airport map since I'll have to be in a mad rush getting from one terminal to another to make the flight, and I wanted to know exactly which direction I need to go. In addition to committing PHL map to memory, I've been reading reviews of the airport, and seriously, everything I've heard has been bad. So many missed flights, so many people not knowing where to go due to faulty monitors or outdated flight information and of course I'm only getting more worried. So kind readers, have you flown into PHL recently, and more specifically, Terminal F? If so, is it as bad as what I've been reading? Did you have any problems with the shuttle or train? Oh boy.

Yesterday, Chris and I skipped church because we really didn't feel like being around people and needing to put on a happy face, so we decided we'd leave the house (since we knew it would benefit us both), and go anywhere that came to mind. Even better than relying on our own minds, we decided we'd let the birds tell us where to go. So, when we got to the end of a road or an intersection, we'd go in the direction the first bird flew. We ended up riding around downtown Lynchburg, and then by the river where we watched about two dozen swallows (my favorite birds) fly around, chirping the entire time!

We've both been touched by all of the sweet comments and support you guys have shown, so thank you again.

How was your weekend? Did you have any special plans? Want to win a dinosaur toes bullet and smoky quartz necklace? Enter the giveaway here!


  1. you're so cute getting all anxious about the airport! I fly a lot (cause I live in California and my family lives in Georgia), so I don't even think twice about it anymore . . . I figure that someone will tell me where to go when I get there. :)

  2. Take it from a former flight attendant/tourist assistant who worked out of one of the CRAZIEST airports, Miami International Airport -- when in doubt, flag someone in a uniform down. Airport workers know it in and out, and they're usually inclined to help.

    I hope everything goes well! I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

  3. goodness, flying and airports can be so nerve racking! i hope everything goes smoothly for you; sending positive thoughts your way!

  4. I am sure everything will be fine; the day off the trip. On Sunday, I made a chocolate/meringue cake as a family member was visiting us. We also saw the movie called the Duel, adaptation from the book by Anton Chekhov. Very nice.
    Have a good day!
    Take care.

  5. oh, i haven't been to an airport in a couple years (much less a big one on a time schedule), so i'd probably be freaking out too! hope someone can help you out.

    i love what you and chris did with your sunday drive. following the birds. my boyfriend would never do anything so romantic. maybe i can convince him soon. your trip sounds like the perfect calm day. no place that you have to be at.

    And yes, i would love to win necklace! Going to enter now.

  6. Oh I hope it is not that bad! In ten days I'll be flying to Philadelphia, too! It's the first time I'll be in the US! I hope everything goes well... :) But I am pretty optimistic!


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