clouds, rain and a nightmare

Several years ago, for reasons I don't remember, I decided I wanted to be able to decipher and understand my dreams. So I got a book that lists most everything one could dream about and tells you what it all means. Having said that, I was too lazy to study this nightmare I had, but I'm sure I had it not so much because of a message my subconscious is trying to tell me, but because it's a real fear...

In my dream/nightmare, I was with my dad and a friend from high school at the Lynchburg airport getting ready to board the plane for California. All of a sudden I realized I didn't have my wallet, camera, cell phone & charger or boarding passes! I started freaking out and knew that since it was 5:33 and my plane took off at 6:32, there was no way I'd be able to go home (20 minutes away) and get my things, then be back in time! So I called my mother-in-law (who lives on my road) and asked her if she could bring me those things, only to have her say no! So I started crying and just about hyperventilating, and that's how I woke up, tears in my eyes and heavy breathing. Needless to say, I'm just about to start my list so I can be sure nothing is left behind, especially since I'm leaving from the Richmond airport which is 2 hours from home!

Today has been a little rainy and a whole lot cloudy and windy, so I've only spent a few minutes outside. In a way I wish it were sunny so I could go jump on the trampoline, but then again it's nice to be stuck inside every now and again because there are always so many things I need to do... make things for my etsy shop ( I was pretty productive), take pictures for my shop and le blog (I was really productive), clean the kitchen up and wash the dishes that seem to have piled up overnight (again, really productive).

How has your day been? Done anything interesting?


  1. it's so sad how nightmares really can seep into your waking day . . . when your morning starts with waking from a nightmare, the whole day can get thrown off! I hope you recover soon, despite the gross weather outside. :(

  2. I hope your okay after your nightmare :(


  3. your blog is lovely. thank you for bringing me here.

  4. A pretty umbrella certainly brightens up a rainy day!

  5. that's a terrible nightmare! i better start making my list too!

  6. ive always been really interested in figuring out what my dreams mean but i hate nightmares!! especially when i wake up upset so i'm sorry :(

  7. My day has been okay, thanks for asking :P

    I always have long dreams that go on forever, but only recently have I started writing them down. And since I've started writing them down, they've started getting shorter and shorter.

    and this past week I havent dreamt once.

    Thats more scary then a nightmare for me.

  8. I dreamed once that there was a big furry spider on my shoulder and I was so scared that I could not move; it was so real and intense. I don't like either to be woken up with the heart beating really fast. Fortunatly, it is only dreams. I think Freud analyzes dreams. Sometimes, I go online through one of those website where you can find the meaning of dreams but again, I don't want to spend to much time analyzing it. I think dreams are your subconscient trying to tell you something; who knows.
    I just finished yesterday a large scale painting for our living room, very pop art.
    Have a good day! Take care


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