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I love stones, mineral specimens, druzies, geodes, stone points... you get the picture. Raw stones and metal are my favorite things in terms of mediums from which to create, so sometimes I just like looking at pictures of pretty stones, imagining all the things I could make with the precious specimens! And of course I dream of owning a large (out of my price range) ring with a beautiful, chunky stone.

Images from google image search, flickr, sruli recht, and of course dinosaur toes bullet and stone necklaces.

This is a little off the subject, but have you ever watched 48 Hours on WE? Today is the first time I've watched the tube since Woopie has been gone, and I'm not completely focused, but I usually get so hooked on this show. I love the evenings when Chris is working late and WE shows episode after episode after episode...

If you haven't already, don't forget to enter the giveaway for a dinosaur toes bullet and smoky quartz necklace!


  1. I went to the Houston Natural History Museum 2 summers ago and they have a whole exhibit on stones.... it's so beautiful! some of them are made into jewelry and some are right out of the ground & really neat... I should send you some of our photos!

    glad you're (kinda) getting back into the swing of guys are still in my thoughts!

  2. These are beautiful, Danielle! Its funny, I was just looking at beautiful stones the other day and almost did a post on them, but as usual, got distracted and forgot! ha ha ha... good choices!

  3. dude! its embarrassing to say that i watched the hills and spencer is cra cra and really into crystals and healing but guess what! its not working out for him! he has lost it!
    i love your creations! and i love cool rocks..xo

  4. brandi, okay, since you said it first, now i can admit that i watch the hills, too! it's a guilty pleasure, but it's the pratts craziness that sucks me in!

  5. I love semi-precious stones too ; as each stone has a different meaning. Your bullet necklaces are absolutely gorgeous.

  6. when i was younger we'd go to science museums all the time and the pretty stones and minerals were always my faves, as are your beautiful necklaces!

  7. Gah! These are so beautiful. Love, love, love!

  8. Crystal lipstick necklaces, I like! I've wanting an opal (though not a crystal) pendant. I like your banner BTW.

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