busy hands...

I've been rather busy lately getting things ready for the Charlottesville Arts & Crafts Festival this Saturday, August 29th. I do feel a bit guilty for letting my Etsy shop get a little stagnant, but to be honest, when sales slow down, I don't have all that much motivation. I have however created so many new little goodies, all of which I'll be taking to Charlottesville, but what doesn't sell will be listed in my shop, and I hope to then get back into the regular Etsy schedule of listing everyday. Here's a little peek at my hard work:


  1. That ring is so pretty, great work! I hope you are successful at the craft show. I'm sure you'll do quite well!

  2. just saw your stuff on etsy.. love your shop (and shop name!) especially the doilie totes. very cute. i'm digging your blog a lot!


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