where have i been?!

i always feel sort of guilty when i go for a few days without posting; almost like blogging is a job and i just decided not to show up.  i'd like to say i had 8 million things to do that kept me from it, but i'd be lying.  the only thing that kept me from doing just about anything besides complaining and eating crazy bread is cramps.  those little jerks.  but i did want to tell you about the locavore festival in charlottesville on saturday!

scarf: birthday gift to myself via ross // dress: birthday gift from chris via forever 21 //  jewelry: i made it (dinosaur toes) // clogs: lotta from stockholm

when i'm going to something like this i always like to dress so that 1. i'm comfortable (duh), and 2. so that i can wear something i've made and be walking advertisement!  remember in my last post the picture of flojo caught in the act of brooch destruction?  i had to laugh when i saw these pictures because i've caught her again!  only this time she's chewing at the little strings on my scarf.  she's so pretty though, how can i be mad with her?

so i have to admit something to you - i'm so, so, so bad about actually remembering to pull out my camera when i really WANT to take pictures.  i took my big film camera with us on saturday so i could take pictures of my little display, of arlie and i, and of charlottesville in general since it's so pretty.  but can you believe i left the camera in our vehicle which was parked several blocks away?  i'm really doing something i do NOT like here and posting cell phone pictures, but i want to at least show you a few things from the day (including the most delicious popsicle i've ever eaten - a homemade lemon ginger dream)!

and one more thing: the giveaway for 100 postcards with your design will end tonight before i go to bed, and the winner will be announced on friday, so don't miss out on the chance to be an awesome penpal or promote your business!


  1. i am the same way with my camera!! especially when it comes to taking photos of my jewelry displays at art shows. do you do a lot of these shows?? we could probably chat forever about this subject ;)

  2. i love this outfit! i actually have that dress in green, but i must be a bit taller than you because my hoonie hangs out. :-/

  3. I do the exact same thing with my camera, too. Except I'm even worse cuz I forget it at home AND THEN I forget to pull out my iPod to take pictures! I try to chalk it up to living in the moment though. We're enjoying ourselves too much to document it!

  4. love your dress- great f21 find danielle! so glad your festival went well. your displays look awesome. i wish i lived somewhere even close to near you so that i could have gone!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  5. that flojo! yea same thing when rosie scratched my chin, i couldn't be mad at her, she is SO soft. LOVE your dress very very much. i need a very classic black dress and that one is pretty perfect and i am sure the right price too. i always like wearing something i made while at a craft fair too, it is great and people really like it.

  6. I really love that you take your outfit photos with your bird. Also, your clogs are amazing.

  7. Oh I love this dress! I want to come buy your stuff from this dispaly!

  8. How cute are you?!

    I normally wouldn't do this, but as a long time reader I'd SO appreciate your help! :D Please go to my blog and read this post, I just need your help winning a HUGE contest in my life. I promise it'll be worth your time :D It's really easy too!


    (really sorry if this is serious spam for you)

  9. Glad to see you back in action. Your shoes are crazy cute and they look way comfy. I tend to do the same thing with my camera. Its like I forget I brought it with it or by the time I find it in the black hole that is my purse, the moment has passed.

  10. black and brown is my fave combo right now! you look so cute.

  11. i wish i had taken more pictures too! i was overwhelmed the whole time with how many people stopped by my table. a good overwhelmed!

    also, i remember staring at your adorable lotta clogs a lot so i'm glad you posted these pictures. i've been wanting a pair forever and i meant to tell you how great they are.

    awesome meeting you lady - hopefully there will be a next time and we can chat about more about how crazy the internet is ;)

  12. That outfit is gorgeous!!! And I love how your birdie is nibbling your scarf... I had on a pretty blue shirt the other day, with decorative beads around the hem (teeny tiny beads, slightly bigger than poppy seeds) and Jango was trying to pull them off!!!

  13. i want to get some of your earrings!!

  14. You're so adorable :) Love your outfits and all the jewelry and ALL OF IT BECAUSE YOU'RE LOVELY.

  15. Love your black dress and that gorgeous scarf! And the photos of your jewelry/setup are awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  16. you look so beautiful in this post. i love the simplicity of the dress, and the clogs are perfect! how is the sizing on those bad boys?

  17. hahahahahahaha
    FLOJO is THE besssssst!
    i love how the price to pay for her celebrity shots are the fact that she will entertain herself! Love it! She is adorable!!

    Also, love those shoes! Are they comfy? they look comfy... Cb had some red open toed ones in her recent posts too and I can't get over how comfy they look.... hmmmmm might need to get my hands on a pair!!!

    looking lovely as usual-loveing your up-do. and your display shots reminded me that craft show season has arrived! eeeek! summa-time.


  18. those clogs!! love them! I like the black dress too - very elegant and chic :)

  19. LOVE your clogs and pretty table display! XO

  20. Awww, I use to have a sun conure! And I love what you're wearing by the way! -Jessica



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