lately things have been busy.  i've not given the time to my blog i should, and although part of me wants to because i do enjoy it, the other part of me knows that there are more pressing issues - like getting caught up on orders as well as making triple the amount of items i usually do in preparation for a new store i'll be selling at, and a holiday pop up shop.  when i haven't been working on making more pyrite heart bracelets or pulling more prints, i've been getting used to this new lens and taking pictures of other things i've been doing...

sometimes just taking pictures of simple things around the house can be fun... or maybe i think it's fun because it's my way of putting off work, who knows!  i've re-potted a few succulents, i've cleaned off my dining room table of thrifting finds (the owl lamp and the bride and groom cake topper) so that i have more room to make block prints and paint portraits, and i'd like to say i didn't stop one or ten too many times to eat the pretzels i baked, but i'd be lying.

also, completely random, but do you ever talk to friends, significant others, etc. while they're falling asleep in an effort to get them to talk in their sleep?  i love doing it to chris, because it's usually successful.  the last time he did it i actually wrote down what he said because it was too funny to forget.  here it is:

me: "what?"
chris: "a mouse spider ran from under the sofa and went across the den.  it was like a mouse, and a spider, too."
me: "where were you sitting when you saw it?"
chris: "they're like school chairs with desks."
me: "what?  where are you?"
chris: "at the drugstore.  i bought a cup and saucer for beca and doug."
me: "oh.  what does it look like?"
chris: "it was an eighth.  they measured it before they built it."


  1. Its good to take breaks so that your brain doesn't explode. Especially if the break includes eating delicious home cooked pretzels!!! Yum! tom talks in this sleep a lot too and it is fun to egg him on but i havent written it down before. I should because it is really funny as is what chris said. Could you imagine a mouse spider, ewwwwwww!!!

  2. Hahaha what a coherent conversation with Chris! I've tried to do that with Rob but it always wakes him up.

  3. LOL that's funny! Jon says some funny stuff too when he is sleep/awake. Love the first picture of your dog!!


  4. That's the most coherent half-asleep conversation ever! My husband always says things that make zero sense like "Alexander had the birdhouse when clowns danced half donut." So entertaining.

  5. First you had me drooling over those pretzels on IG and now again here! I want! That convo is hilarious. Writing it down is a good idea because I always think I'll remember but I don't :)

  6. Good grief, that makes me sound like I was on something. And you forgot the part where I scolded you in my dream for ending a sentence in a preposition. ;-)

  7. a new lens is exciting!!

    i am going to send a bunch of cluster rings to The Bridge!
    wish i could actually go myself and see all the goodies in person.

    soo funny what Chris said, i should totally try that with Stephen!


  8. hahahah! I'm so glad Chris dreams about buying us presents.
    Also, that bride and groom! I still laugh about it.
    miss you!!

  9. ps glad you like your new lens.

  10. totally... i just posted about this too. i'm in this balance of wanting to be sure blogging still stays fun for me, but also wanting to keep on top of it.
    but. in GOOD news... busy-ness is kind of nice. means jewelry is taking off, and lots of friends to spend time with.
    however, sometimes time alone, relaxing, is nice too.

    GOOD LUCK! i hope everything goes off without a hitch :)


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