this post has no point.

I'm sorry, but I'm still all groggy from waking up from a much needed nap, so excuse my senseless rambling! Today it started pouring down half way through my work day, and of course I was wearing flip flops; being rained on and having it rainy outside always makes me want to sleep. Even though the rain has moved in, it's still in the 60's which I won't complain about!

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Did you ever build indoor forts or tents as a kid? My brother and I basically lived in one we built from sawhorses, afghans mom crocheted and floral sheets from the 70's. It was so awesome, and what made it even better was when we got new school shoes, and since we couldn't wear them outside (until school started), we got mom to agree to let us sleep in them inside of our fort! Now I couldn't imagine wearing a pair of hi-tops under the covers! Ah, good times.

Since I'll be all rested up, I plan to jump on the trampoline (assuming we'll have breaks between showers) but mostly I need to drill more .22 shell casings for bullet necklaces. I got so behind while I was sick, and I HATE being behind!

I like to have music playing pretty much any time I'm working, be it house cleaning or hand making, and here are some of the things on this weekend's playlist (all mp3's): what's a girl to do / bat for lashes, to clean / woods, young bride / midlake, playground love / air.

So I guess that just about sums things up! Sorry I don't have a more interesting life to share with you. What are your weekend plans?


  1. I think this is a very interesting post! I always love hearing about music that inspires people... and I looove hearing about you and your brothers childhood forts (especially about the shoes too!)!!! have a wonderful weekend!

    (we had 60 degree weather, but it went down so I am jealous of you, ha ha ha!)

  2. bullet necklaces? that sounds awesome!

    and you have a trampoline?!?! jealousss

  3. i just saw midlake play last weekend. There were fantasitc! Roscoe will always be my favorite song by them but from their latest album I love WINTER DIES!

    (also bat for lashes, major girl crush!!!!)

    happy weekend!


  4. i was SO tempted to not go into my internship today and sleep in the rain instead!

    your fort sounds amazing! we used to use old floral and stripped sheets from the 70's too! they make the best tents!

    have a wonderful weekend! ox

  5. i love that you got excited to wear your school shoes in your fort. i totally remember trying to talk my mom into letting me wear my new school shoes before school started. oh childhood memories..... :).

  6. We have similar weather here in NYC. I feel like hibernating; seriously. I would like to work on a large scale painting for our living room. Trampoline, this is fun. I love the story of the tent and wearing the new shoes inside, so cute the story. Have fun working on your new jewelry! I love your jewelry collection; so whimsical and unique.
    Have a great weekend!!!:0)

  7. blanket forts are the very best.

    mine was in the closest under the stairs.

  8. i love young bride!!!!
    and bat for lashes!
    and air!!!
    package coming soon:)

  9. ummmmmm i still build forts like this! when i was younger, my brother and sister and I would stay at my Mam-maws house. she had these green furry couches, in 3 various sizes. we would put them together and make forts so we had separate rooms. i still have one of those green couches in storage. i might have to bust it out for the sole purpose of fort building in the new house!
    and i am downloading your song suggestions right now, i heart new music.


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