my antiquing adventure

You remember how I told you (what seems like a hundred years ago) that I was going with my dad, stepmom and grandma on an antiquing adventure last Monday? Well, the whole flu thing put me behind on showing pictures, but I haven't forgotten about it! We went to Roanoke, which isn't quite an hour away, and I can say without a doubt that I have a new favorite antique mall.

From the top: That pink sewing machine was SO cute! I have no idea whether or not it works, but I'd love to have it just because it's so darn pretty. Next is a man's razor. Seriously, what does a man need such a fancy, rhinestone-encrusted razor for? It even had a satin-lined case! I'm a woman and I don't even have anything that fancy! The hat in the third picture was super pretty. As a matter of fact, all the hats were pretty! I found a beautiful wool fedora with a bow on the side in the tiniest houndstooth pattern, and I just knew I'd buy it seeing as how all hats were 50% off, but it as to small. I don't have a big head, so I'm guessing it was made for a child. What a shame, it was so pretty. Below the hat is a pair of hand carved shoes. Really pretty and really pricey. Dad and Tricia later saw a pair selling for $450! Then there's me playing Napoleon. Pretty intimidating, huh? Since my dad can't read anything that isn't held 6 feet away, I saw that giant magnifying glass (so big the base sits on the floor) and told him his troubles were over! Last is my dad and I, but I like to call him pop. I love him SO much!

When you go antiquing, do you look for anything in particular or do you just like to look? Do you have any vintage or antique collections?


  1. I love that sewing machine!! Antiques are great! xo

  2. awe i love the sewing machine...and jacob would love that razor!
    and those shoes wow deatils!!!
    and my dad dresses similar to yours...cap and vneck pullover thing... dads are the best!!!
    hope you get over being sick 100%

  3. what did you end up buying?
    those shoes are crazy!

    when i go antiquing i pretty much am just looking for something that catches my eye... and if i love it and it isn't too expensive then i buy it!
    i do collect vintage trays and i love old fiesta ware, chandeliers, lamps, furniture, bird cages and pretty boxes.
    i want to go antiquing with you!


  4. That sewing machine is gorgeous! I never really go with a purpose but always seem to find something tobrimg home with me anyway.

  5. I used to be a cosmetologist and looking back now, I would have loved to collect old razors, hair brushes and all those vintage beauty items.

  6. great finds!! i love pink appliances. everything should be pink. the world would be a happier place!

  7. that picture with your dad is too cute!!!

    and i laughed at the razor... fancy!

    when i got to an antique shop, i always look at art. That's prob the first thing... and mirrors. Then books & knick knacks.

    i always scour the postcards too and flip through the photographs... i think it's sad and weird to see pictures of people left behind... but i always buy the ones of any couples :)

    we should go antiquing!!!

  8. Caroline, you're right, andtiques are REALLY great, and I love old things better than new!

    Brandi, my dad has pretty much worn that "uniform" for the last 5 years or more! And it's funny that your dad has the same one!
    Have fun in NY!

    Kassi, I bought two framed floral prints. I still haven't gotten pictures, but maybe I'll do it for the next "two things" post. When I come to CA, we definitely have to go antiquing! None of my friends like doing it :(

    Megan, I don't go with a purpose either, but I certainly don't ever come home empty-handed!

    Diana, that would be a neat collection. I love old combs (although I don't own any) and hand mirrors.

    Anna, I would have no problem with the world being pink! 50's pink stuff is my favorite!

    Micaela, the picture with my dad is my favorite one from the day! You tell me when you want to go antiquing and I'm there! None of my friends like going, so it would be nice to have someone my age to go with (no offense to my dad)!

  9. I love going to Antique Stores. I really just like to look and if something catches my eye I buy it. My favorite thing from Antiquing was a Charlie Chaplin clock I picked up.

  10. yay for finding new antique malls! those shoes are awesome....not super practical, but who cares :).

    glad you had fun thrifting!

  11. When I go I look (slightly. not too hard) for anything from Russia/the Soviet Union. I love the USSR. I find it so fascinating. Once I found a plate that said "made in USSR" on the back, so I bought it & now I have a plate from Estonia from the 70's, and matryoshka stacking dolls painted to look like Soviet leaders. Other than that, I look for fun or cute things!

    and that razor made me laugh, it's so silly!

  12. oh it looks like you had so much fun! i love random adventures and with dad is always the best (in my option!)

  13. Those shoes... wordless. I'd take that machine for sure. Lucky you with your finds/

  14. What a fun post! I couldn't believe that was a razor -- I literally did a double-take and went back to look at it after I read your comment about it being a razor. I guess it's for men who want to get in touch with their inner diva?

  15. What fun things! I love antique shopping. Makes me giddy....
    I would have bought that hat, hands down pure awesomeness...

  16. The colored carved shoes are made in the Philippines. My mom had those back in the late 70s.


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