what i've been working on

Last night and this morning I was sort of on an earring-making kick and these are a few of them. I also have pictures from two crafty ladies to share in the "what I've been working on" posts but I didn't get them adjusted, so I promise to share next week!

Aside from making earrings, taking pictures and washing sheets and blankets, I went out with my friend Melissa today. We had Mexican for lunch and stayed for 3 hours just talking until the waiters started walking by staring at us. We got the hint. Then we went and did a little shopping, but the only thing we got was candy. I blame it on her. I don't buy candy unless I'm a victim of peer pressure.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special? Most importantly, have you indulged in any of the sinfully delicious Easter candy that's in all the stores now?


  1. pretty pretty danielle! i love all of them but especially the middle ones!!


  2. how did you know i just love feather jewelry?? hehe. love all your beautiful things!


  3. Oh i really love the second pair. Easter eggs have been out in Aus since January which i think is awful but hasnt stopped me indulging.

  4. these are all great, Danielle! I love feathers, and these are great!!! I haven't had any easter candy yet, I am trying to not eat sugar that much (not doing that well), but I haven't had any easter candy.. so that is good because I love easter candy!

  5. i love your jewelry, the peach pair especially! and mexican food with friends sounds just about perfect!

    i hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

  6. I love the pink earrings! My weekend has been pretty blah since I picked up a bad cold, but today I'm going grocery shopping with a side trip hunt for those sinfully delicious Cadbury eggs.

  7. oooooh yeah the middle ones!
    there are no mexican food places in ny that are good!!!!
    hope you have had a great weekend!
    glad you and mel got to eat yummy food!
    say hi to floj!!!

  8. Those are beautiful! I am absolutely in love with the middle ones :) I guess they just stand out when compared to all the jewelry that is out there right now.

  9. oh my goodness those earrings are to die for! i LOVE feather anything. great blog!


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