whew, where have the days gone?

I'm usually somewhat of a homebody, but this weekend was packed full of sunny deliciousness! It's true weather can change a person's mood. I was high on spring and I didn't want the weekend to end! I met up with a few lovely ladies while Haley was in town getting her newest tattoo, and I even got a possible business opportunity with the bullet necklaces!

Yes, I'm the short one in the middle. I honestly didn't realize that 5'2" was that short until I looked at the pictures! After that I went to my dad's house and watched the end of New Moon with my lil sister, then I met up with a friend and scored. Seriously. Polaroid SX-70 and a 10 pack of 600 film. Oh boy. Pictures to come. Then on Sunday I spent the entire day with Lauren (or as I call her, Clarence), my tiny little sister. We worked on her graduation announcements and ate, and ate and ate and ate and ate...

Then today I took a nice walk on what was supposed to be a rainy day, but ended up being beautiful. I also found some old photo albums and scanned in a few old pictures. I love looking back through pictures that were taken 20 or more years ago!

I need to get back into the normal (boring) routine, but I had such a fun weekend that I don't want to have to get back to work! I want a spring break for adults! Anyway, how was your weekend? Was it as sunny where you are as it is in Virginia?


  1. Were slowly entering into winter here and i agree the weather is really effecting my mood, i just want to snuggle under a blanket till next spring.
    Love the photos of you and your sister!

  2. im so jealous of your score!!! 10 packs geez!
    happy for you though!
    five 2 is short haha im five three.
    and i hope the business plan works out! i saw a bullet necklace on a movie and i thought "danielle's is better. oh and we watched new moon last night! it was jacobs first time.
    he was the one rented it:)

  3. don't worry i'm 5 feet nothing so too me you're tall! it was beautiful out this weekend, now its rainy and blah. cute pictures!

  4. not a sunny weekend, but a lovely one anyway. and i just love looking through old photos!

  5. Fun pictures!!! I had a nice weekend too mostly due to the nice weather. It is amazing how the weather affects your mood. I love your jewelry. You are very talented.

  6. the weather was SO amazing this weekend! it had me out and about too!

    congrats on the polaroid and potential business!!

  7. OHHHH, you found polaroid film, so hard to come by right now.

    I didnt think 5'4 was short until I made friends from Germany, man I was so small. Then I moved here to Vancouver, 5'4 is average if not tall. ha ha

  8. Nothing beats Virginia in the springtime. I miss the blooming redbud, forsythia, and dogwoods :(

    Maybe you could take a pic or two of them this spring and post... with your polaroid.. lucky girl!

    I grew up in Va and live in flat Florida now and really miss the rolling hills in spring.

    I'm glad to have another Va connection ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, how could I leave out my love of crocus, tulips and daffodils, and all spring bulbs...

  10. yay for business opportunities! your neclaces are bound to take off...they're just too lovely not to :).

    sounds like things have been busy, but fun for you. glad you got to have time with friends and your sister. oh...and don't forget to let me know about your friend! i'm gonna hound you! haha. ok...not really...but sort of :).

    love you girl! hope you have a good thursday!


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