two things (plus three) i love around my home

The things I'm loving right now were all given to me by super generous, completely awesome people! If you'd like to share two things you love, you can link up on Kassi's blog (and you can also tell me so I can have a peek)!

From the top: The other weekend I met Kaleb to pick up what I originally thought was going to be a pack of Polaroid 600 film. I ended up coming home with more, and this SX-70 just makes me swoon. The polaroids with it didn't come from it, they're part of the 600 film. Verdict: Awesome gifts, awesome friend.

Next is the birdhouse and brass turtle soap dish. I got them from Kassi, the hot mama at bacwoods fern. If you know anything at all about me, you know that I love birds and turtles more than anything else. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect package, and the fact that the birdhouse was from her own collection makes it extra special. Verdict: Brings-a-tear-to-your-eye-awesome!

Moving right along, I have an antique (I'm talking super antique, like from the 1800's) mail spike. My pop got this for me a few weeks ago because I told him that they'd be great for holding rings when I'm out peddling my wares. *Side note: Last summer I went to an art festival and had an antique dish full of fabric rings, and after people would try them on, they'd throw them on the dish upside down. So I thought this would be a neater way to hold them!* Verdict: I have the most awesome pop in the universe!

Last is a handmade art quilt I received from Kajsa through the dutch sisters exchange! I was SO excited when I saw it because I loved one she previously made, but this was even better because it had a parrot! I thought it was so sweet that she did that just for me because I love parrots more than anyone will ever know! In addition to the fabulous art quilt, I also received a postcard of the art quilt print I loved in her shop and two pretty fat quarters of bright, summertime fabric. Verdict: Bright and happy awesome all the way from Finland!

I'm a lucky, lucky girl, and I definitely believe that good things should keep going, so I hope the people who will receive gifts from me are surprised and excited! And they don't know they're getting anything :)

P.S. Lauren is having a giveaway for the baker on her blog. It makes me want to fix a dessert just thinking about it!


  1. ahh! so many neat, wonderful things!
    lucky girl!

  2. so glad you got your package!
    i have the EXACT same camera - i even posted about it as one of my two things a while back.
    that's so fun that you have received so many fun things... and speaking of receiving i still haven't gotten my knick knack from whoever my partner was... and it's totally okay... but since i'm moving should i (or you) let her know what my new address is..?

    thanks for playing along my friend

  3. Lydia, I am pretty lucky I almost feel guilty!

    Kassi, I remember you showing that camera! Oh crap, I forgot to respond about the exchange in the email...doing that right now!

    Mara, the birdhouse is so cute, and it's tiny which makes it even cuter!

  4. i love it all especially the quilt!!!! omg i want!
    and very jealous of your camera and film but in a healthy way!
    kassi is super sweet so is your pop...all around you got some awesome people in your life!

  5. that quilt is adorable & your dad is awesome for getting you that spike for your rings. all cute items!!

  6. All of the vintage items are great. I really like the quilt you received in the swap. That swap was lots of fun :) Thank God for all the nice people in the world who help make our day :)

  7. wow amazing polaroid! plus film...lucky lady!

    i LOVE the little bird house and postal spike! :)

  8. i really like all of it!

    xo tiffany

  9. that art quilt is so cool. the parrot makes it just perfect for you :).

    hope you have a good day tomrrow!

  10. I love everything! Of course, I'm partial to the camera :)

  11. drooling over your polaroid! love it! what a great collection!

    p.s. i think i might know how much you love parrots! :)

  12. LOVE all these things that are perfectly you! verdict: you deserve every bit of kindness because you are just as giving.


    ps. thanks for the esty link- i'm going to have to check out her postcards! xo

  13. Oh, you got it, I'm so glad you like it :) I just e-mailed you to thank you for everything! Now I just need to get busy blogging about it!


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