what i've been working on

Last Saturday, I managed not to be so lazy and made myself get in the garage so I could drill some shell casings with the drill press. The only bad thing about making these bullet necklaces is that I want to keep so many of them for myself!

From the top: .38 shell casing with aquamarine, .22 shell casing with aquamarine, .38 shell casing with rutilated quartz (my favorite stone).

Tomorrow afternoon I'm meeting these two lovely ladies to have some girl talk and watch them get their newest tattoos. I've been trying to convince Chris that I can barely function without another tattoo, but he's not having it. Hmph (arms crossed with a frown on my face). Sharon (with the dark hair) is the tattletale and Haley (the blonde) is the one who would probably get tattled on. I'll just sit back and watch. What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. I love those necklaces!!! Enjoy your weekend lovely! xo

  2. i LOVE the necklaces, danielle!
    aquamarine is one of my favorite stones - so gorgeous!
    have fun with your girls tomorrow - sorry chris wont let you get tattoo... it's so hard 'obeying' your husband - that's one of the hardest parts of being married for me. ugh.
    maybe i'll take you to get one when you come to cali ;-) heehee

  3. Kassi, it's so hard for me not to do whatever I want because I'm such a defiant person, but I don't want for Chris to be mad at me. I already told him I may come back from Cali with fresh ink because Haley's friend Sam the tattoo artist wants to meet me and brand me! YAY!!!!!

    xo zillymillytrilly

  4. lovely necklaces!
    you do such beautiful work. :)

    sorry chris won't let you get another tattoo.
    hopefully he'll change his mind!

  5. I love those necklaces! :) And as for tattoos, I always admire them on other people, but I myself could never get one. Why? Because I'd be bored of it in 2 days and itching to cover it up with something else. :p

  6. Love aquamarine, and I like the idea of using old casings. Very Unique.

  7. Thank you for sharing my blog! :o) Your blog is beautiful, I love it! Tattoos are so addictive, I can't wait to get another myself.

  8. Woww! They're really pretty! The two elements contrast beuatifully. I'm really taking a liking to the first one. Great job.
    &you & me both..I really want a tattoo:D

  9. your jewelry is def. one of a kind. i need to get myself a bow one as a congratulatory gift when i start working again. crossing my fingers for next month!

    how did the tattoos go? i'm itching for one too!!!! just don't know where to put it... or likewise, if i can convince Max :)

    enjoy our beautiful weather, beautiful! xo

  10. i love it! and why wont chris let you get a tattoo???!!!

  11. those are so cool! shoot, i'd wear one.

    whoa. pun waaaaay not intended.

  12. you make the prettiest jewelry! i love the colors of the stones you choose!

    i hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)

  13. I LOVE your bullet necklaces. So beautiful!!:0)


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