i got rocks, gifts from a friend, i have no brain, etc.

First off, I now have 52 followers and I wanted to thank all of you for reading and commenting on my blog. As a little treat, I'll be doing another giveaway reserved only for followers really soon!

I have no real direction with this post, so I'll just let my fingers do the work since I'm questioning whether or not I even have a brain today. Aside from forgetting nearly everything I needed to tell Chris this morning, I called the weather line instead of my husband, and I walked elbow first into a door jam. Ugh, geez. No bruise (yet), but man does it ever hurt!!!

One good thing to come out of the day so far is my trip to The Rock Garden. It's where I go to get all the pretty stones I use in my bullet necklaces. The guy that owns it is super nice, and he even gives me free stones or a discount when I go!

I got aquamarine, tourmaline, amethyst and yellow topaz today. Now I just need to do a little target practice (the only thing hurt during shooting is my husband's ego since I'm a better shot) and drilling so I'll be able to use my new stones.

I've seen a few blogs lately with top music picks, so I figured I'd be a copycat and share some of my current favorite music in the form of mp3's so you could steal it if you wished, but my dang FTP client isn't working like it should, so I could only upload one song! Hopefully I can get them on here tomorrow.

I got a super sweet package today from my friend Christin, and I can't wait to work on projects that incorporate some of these little treasures! I've never actually met Christin in person, but we've gotten to know each other really well through Etsy and Facebook, and I have to say, no matter what terrible things people may say about the internet, I've met some of the sweetest people on here that I wouldn't have had the pleasure of getting to know otherwise.

I saw a picture of her sister wearing a bird pendant (in the first photo), so she made me my very own, but the best and most special piece of all is the turtle necklace. We share a deep love of turtles and run through traffic like maniacs to save them. She even got in some trouble once when her car was blocking traffic while she tried to help a sea turtle (bigger than her) out of the road!

Her package today made me think of something we, as bloggers and internet friends, could do for one another. I'm not going to spill the beans just yet because this post is already LONG enough, but I promise I'll let you in on my little idea tomorrow! Chris will be gone all morning, afternoon, and part of the night, so I'll have plenty of time to clean, blog, and jump on the trampoline! Come back then!

One last thing. Brandi at mucho mucho bueno bueno is having a pretty awesome giveaway, so go visit her blog and enter, or don't since I want to win it!


  1. yay for 52 followers!

    i love posts with no direction

    those stones are beautiful i LOVE aquamarine and amethyst and yellow topaz... i can't wait for you make some bullet necklaces with your new stones! i'll be telling daniel to get me one for my birthday... or maybe valentines since it's coming up sooner!

    um, okay, your friend christin is one awesome girl for giving you all those goodies!!! did she just randomly send them to you? you got some goooooood loot there. i'm totally envious! yay for you.

    and i want to win brandi's giveaway so bad... but i'll be very happy if you win. ;-)

    i can't wait to see what your blog entry is going to be about tomorrow!

    and i jump on a trampoline too! every day for an hour! do you have a large one or a mini trampoline (rebounder)?

    happy friday friend!

  2. oh my goodness, i just checked out christin's etsy shop and i love those tribal kiss earrings! does she have a blog too?

    ps. you have 53 followers now! yay!

  3. I think my husb. would be pleased if I was a better shot than him, because it would mean I was going shooting with him enough to prove my talent was not just a one time fluke.

    Um, I've got to go sit with my unhappy potty trainee. Hope you're having a great Friday!

  4. what lovely little treasures you have! what a sweet friend! i love getting goodies from friends. and even just regular goodie-less mail. it's so fun. the internet really is a great way to meet people, and so glad you've met your turtle-saving soul mate through it :).

    can't wait to see what you come up with using your newfound pretties!

  5. Kassi, if Daniel (that's the road I live on) doesn't want to get you a bullet necklace, you may...just maybe...get ont for your birthday since I know when it is now ;)
    Christin really is sweet. She just sent me an email one day and asked what kind of goodies I wanted because she was going to be sending me a package, and she always goes above and beyond with all the stuff she sends! She doesn't have a blog, but I wish she did!
    I hope that this idea that I have will be something people will be interested in because everyone likes getting something in the mail, right?!?!
    I have a large trampoline. We actualy got it for free because a lady was moving and just wanted it gone, so Chris went to pick it up, and it's been my exercising mate ever since! The last few days have been about 60 degrees, so it's nice to get out and jump again. Which size do you have?
    When I was reading your response to my comment on your blog, at first I didn't know who Snow was, then I got it! So funny!
    I hope you have a fun weekend!

    Chrissy, my husband used to ask me to come shoot with him but I wasn't really interested. Once I started making the bullet necklaces I started shooting, and I guess I'm just a natural because I was better than him right off the bat! Have a good weekend!

    Lauren, you're right, mail is super fun! Packages are always exciting, but even hand written notes are special in the age of e-mails and text messages!

  6. Kassi, you may be wondering what, "get ont" means. Number one, it means I need to proof read before posting, number two, it means "get one." I'm a little sleep deprived this week!

  7. yay for 52 followers danielle! i'm glad to be one of them :) i can't believe you don't have more, quite honestly. (not that that's what it's about, i mean to compliment you only!)

    those stones are stunning! i can't see what you create out of these baubles.

    what is seriously better than love mail? i just went over to her etsy and LOVE her meteors necklace (i think i may have to purchase it myself) and the chained wings earrings. Really beautiful stuff. It's great to make such connections with otherwise beautiful strangers. I'm constantly amazed by this blogging world we're in. le love.

    I'm looking forward to your music and your idea! very excited. :) i keep playing Carli Bruni these days. A little french to go with the dishes makes for a nice morning.

    happy friday (THE CURE) love. xo

  8. those stones are all so gorgeous.
    yay for 52 followers.
    and nay for negative comments.

    and also yay for receiving such a lovely package.
    it's nice to know there are people out there that are truly kind, isn't it?

    (even if you have never met them).

  9. Micaela, the meteors necklace is actually my favorite, too! I've gotten some bracelets and earrings from her, and we've also done several trades.
    I've never heard of Carli Bruni, but I'll be sure to google her! I love French, and after all those years of taking it in middle & high school, I can't believe I still remember so much!
    I hope you have a good weekend!

    Ashlee, speaking of beautiful packages, you've got one coming your way! I hope you'll enjoy it!

  10. How sweet the gift from your friend!
    I have days like that too.
    A long time ago, when I was about seven years old, I think, I bought two ice cream, one for myself and one for the son of my nanny who used to go to the same school. Well, still holding his ice-cream, I ate mine first and when the bell rang, I was still holding his ice-cream. You won't believe it, but I went to his classroom and handed him the ice-cream. He looked at me as he was very mad. I can't believe I did this. I had to give it to him, I thought. When I think of it now, it makes me laugh.
    The stones that you bought are beautiful. By the way, I love my necklace. Have a good day and a great weekend!

  11. you live on daniel street? ha that's funny
    you are the sweetest... :-)
    you should encourage christin to start a blog. i would read it! and yay for nice friends like that... that is so sweet!
    dude, i'm already interested in your idea and i can't wait to read your blog later today to see what it is all about! and you're right, who the heck doesn't like mail?!
    trampolines are so fun. i wish we had a big one but i just have a rebounder (mini tramp) for exercising on - i dance and jump on it for an hour... it's my cardio. i have a back disease and this is the only thing that doesn't hurt me... running kills and i'm too uncoordinated for dancing so this works out perfectly for me! so cool that you got one for free!
    that's funny about the snow comment... heehee ;-)
    enjoy your saturday and get some rest! much love!

  12. ps. Danielle, i couldn't live without the necklace. :) thank you once again for sharing her etsy shop! i love finding one-of-a-kind creations. xo

  13. hahaha thank you so much! i love the lace OMG what are you going to do with all of that awesome stuff!!!

  14. OMG jeeez! that stuff is SO beautiful, could you ask her where she got it from? Just found your blog from poprocks, and its so amazing, thinking about entering your knickknack swap and totally know what to give.

    :) sarah x


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