wishlist wednesday!

i haven't done a wish list in what feels like forever, but yesterday as i was searching "vintage robin" on etsy to find a picture to accompany my post, i found several things that i wouldn't mind unwrapping christmas morning...or tomorrow morning, doesn't really matter! so i thought i'd share, and ask you to play along and show us what you've been wishing for!

found here: lucy and ellen, the vintage mistress, sofralma, kit n' kaboodle vintage.

now, off the subject of birds and onto weather. i have to share because it was just so insane! yesterday it rained all day long, and it was so dark and foggy that i had to have a lamp on from the time i got up, otherwise i couldn't see what i was doing. at about 10:00 last night, as i was facebook stalking and chris was playing a video game, we heard what we thought was rain. it sounded like it was coming down so hard that it was going to break through the windows. believe me, i'm not the type that gets scared over storms or other crazy weather, but we had NEVER heard rain like that! chris went to look out of the front door and discovered that it wasn't rain at all, it was hail! and it was coming down so hard that you could barely see, and what we could see was that our yard was completely white from ice. is was nuts! did anyone else have that sort of weather yesterday?

if you want to play along, leave me a link to your wish list in the comments section, i'd love to see!


  1. loving that print at the top!! so cute.

  2. i wish we had weather sometimes here, but then i remember back to my road trip around the US & the crazy storms in the south & i'd prefer being able to see where i'm driving. a bit of rain, clouds & 60 degree weather wouldn't hurt though. also, that first photo is perfect! it reminds me of my grandma's paintings, which you would love cause they're mostly birds. i'll photograph some just for you. why o' why didn't we virtually speak before june?!

  3. also, thanks for the post idea, i'm gonna put together a wish list, stat!

  4. done and done! it's not hard for me to put together a wish list! http://sadiedesigns.blogspot.com/2010/11/handmade-favourites.html

  5. lovely! do you guys want to advertise on my blog?

  6. i love your vintage robin wish list. awesome stuff

    btw! this totally reminded me of you!


    happy wednesday!

  7. great choices! I was happy to find a little ceramic statue of a blue budgie at the flea market a few weeks ago for $2! Can you believe it? and it is in perfect condition!!!

    I am happy we are kindred spirits and both have a deep love birds, too! that one I posted definitely looks like it was painted with watercolors... I wish we lived closer, I have a feeling Chris and Andy would have to pry us apart! :) have you ever used skype? someone told me about it, maybe we could try meeting/talking that way, although I tend to ramble and be awkward on the phone... he he...

  8. We have been getting crazy Spring weather hee - it has been raining every second day which is so unusual. Love those tins you have featured. I put up my birthday/christmas wishlist yesterday on the blog.

  9. you would look so cute in that poncho with your target boots! :)

    i'm kind of cheating a little... does my christmas gift guide count? because it's seriously my wishlist... and you might recognize an item on there ;)


    oh and that last bird decor- stunning!

    we had crazy rain in madison heights but no hail thank god! crazy! rainy weather is my happy weather and i caught up on two of my netflix films. (and grey's anatomy and dexter-- ya i really did stay in my pajamas! ha)

    i've missed wishlists!


  10. ooh what a great list! i love those tins!

  11. That poncho is BEAUTIMOUS. I went to a pet store and spent 30 minutes in the bird section. Alex couldn't take it after 5. I totally thought of your blog post from last week. Bird lovers are unique;)


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