my new friend, aunt cindy, and pictures

isn't that such an original title? it's all i could come up with. so, my weekend was pretty busy, but i really, really enjoyed it and wish i could do it again! saturday started off kind of slow, and although i knew i had TONS of things that needed to be drilled, i was just too lazy to do any of it. that afternoon, i went to my aunt cindy's house to start an engagement photo shoot (doesn't that make me sound so professional?) with my cousin emily and her fiancee, blake. while emily was getting ready, aunt cindy told me that she wanted to show me her new camera. my first thought was, "wow, i can't believe cindy got a digital camera" because i know she doesn't really do a lot with computers or cameras. so she reached up on her mantle and pulled this little gem off...

she said that she got it at a benefit yard sale and thought of me since 1. i like cameras, and 2. like everything old. and then she told me to keep it! i felt so bad taking it, but at the same time, i was so excited and instantly started to think of where i'd put it! when i told aunt cindy & uncle marc that i first thought, "wow, aunt cindy's going hi-tech," my uncle marc responded, "hey, that is hi-tech for us!" i wish you could all meet aunt cindy & uncle marc. they are seriously so fun to be around, and i have NEVER, EVER in my life been around them and not laughed so hard i almost wet myself. so anyway, that was awesome, and i can't stop staring at my new friend!
then, we started the photo shoot down at their lake and continued to the old city cemetery. it may sound weird to take pictures at such a creepy place, but it's truly beautiful, and a very historic place here in lynchburg, va. it's become one of the most popular places for any kind of photo shoot, and it's no surprise; the place really is gorgeous.

i've been doing some editing and playing, and i have a lot of work ahead of me, but i'm so excited about getting to be the photographer on such a special day for emily and blake! i' have so many ideas for the wedding photos, and since it won't be until next september, i have plenty of time to think of even more poses and props!

on sunday chris and i skipped church, and if you live in the south and skip church, then you can understand how we have to hear about it from everyone we know. ugh. anyway, i just kinda needed to vent. i had A LOT of work that i needed to do on sunday morning that i was too lazy to do on saturday, and it felt good to have all of that accomplished. chris and i got a late start leaving to go run some errands, but after we ate lunch, i asked him if he'd mind riding to the humane society. we ended up spending about an hour rubbing and playing with some beautiful cats and dogs, and of course i felt a little lonely when we left. because i love those animals even more than the pampered ones who've lived a life of luxury, i've been thinking a lot the last few months about volunteering. i looked at the application today, and it just may be something i'll do!

so, how was your weekend?


  1. great photo! you can do my shoot if I ever get engaged ;) and you'd get to come to FL! haha

    that camera is totally badass.. your family seems really neat, especially because they always seem to make for a good story ;)

  2. what a great surprise! Is that camera useable?
    I am glad to hear you are visiting the shelters to get some animal love in, and that you are thinking about volunteering!

  3. i would really love to volunteer at my shelter too. we have such a great one & they did save my pup when he ran away to the taco stand! that camera is such a gem & that photo is such a magical sneak peak! i bet they're going to have the most amazing wedding photos! happy monday dear!

  4. What a fantastic camera! I have a couple great vintage cameras around the house and I'm obsessed with them. Yours is cuter than mine though! :)

  5. i can relate to the skipping church thing. i skipped on sunday to go to a workshop at anthro and my parents gave me the 5th degree about it. i reminded them that church, while important, is not that important and definitely not the determiner of my eternal salvation. silly silly. sometimes i think people just get in a huff because it's something that they do mainly out of tradition. i really only go when i genuinely want to be there (which is most of the time). but if i'm absolutely not feeling it, then i know god's not going to be impressed with my faking it either...i'm not a very good actor :).

    miss you friend! glad you had a fun weekend!


  6. That camera is amazing, its going to look very cool somewhere in your home.

  7. What an exciting thing: being the photographer for your friends' wedding! I have an idea for you that I saw on a wedding blog somewhere. They had the minister take a photo of the kiss with a polaroid, thus capturing the moment AND the expressions of all those in attendance. I'm definitely going to do this at my wedding next year. Good luck with all of your prep!

  8. Holy crap that pic is beautiful! Every time I turn around you are doing something talented and impressing me. Why didn't I get any of that? The camera is way cool too. And the shelter?? That's so sweet and sad. You need to volunteer. The animals need someone like you to bring a little joy their way.
    (I want you for a photo shoot!!)

  9. all of this is so exciting for you: new camera, being a photographer, potentially volunteering at the humane society. But I imagine that if you volunteer there you have to be okay with the idea that you might bring one home at some point, right?? Ha.

  10. maddy, yes, i will be happy to come to florida! hahaha!

    brittan, i figure if i can't bring them all home, maybe volunteering would be a good idea!

    cassandra, that's so funny that your dog ran to the taco stand! but i guess i would, too...

    michelle, the awesome thing about this camera (well, one of the many things) is that all the functions still work, and the last patent on it was 1915!!!

    lauren, sorry you got the 3rd degree :( i feel the same way, if you don't want to be there, it's probably best not to go and end up taking nothing from it. i miss you, too! i wanna hurry up and come to portland!

    megan, right now i have it on a stack of books by my fireplace, but i still can't decide on it's permanent home, though!

    sarah, that sounds like such a neat idea! i've already been thinking that maybe i need to get some instant film before the wedding for just a few really neat pictures.

    kimberly, don't you or grant have a fancy camera? still, i'll be your photographer whenever you want me!

    claire, i was thinking the same thing about volunteering, only i haven't told chris there's a possibility i may not come home alone... ;)

  11. you've got a sweet aunt.

    and some sweet portrait photography skills.

    i want to volunteer at the spca in sf, but the wait list is miles long.

  12. oh my goodness!
    i have that exact same kodak!
    and those pictures are pretty darn adoarble.


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