my brain is a mess, and so is my desk.

before i get to the point, i've noticed that my blog has picked up a few new followers these last few days, so in the words of my friend adri, "oh hai!!!" (waves). she's funny! so, i'm pleased to announce that in just a few short days, my brain will no longer be a mess! i'm so excited to get my almost fully functioning mind back that i'm not sure what i'll do next! the last few weeks have been so incredibly busy with all the work i've been doing in preparation for the great gifts holiday shop (running at the bridge in charlottesville from november 26-january 29) that i haven't been able to think clearly, and my desk has been such a clusterf--- that i can't even see what's there. if i've neglected our friendship, not returned your calls or emails, or not commented on your blog, don't blame it on me, blame it on the fact that i can't multitask.

i've been making bullet necklaces like crazy, which i'm super happy about because i love any excuse to go to the gem shop! now my only problem is that i'm not sure about packaging. luckily i don't have to take my own display as the bridge is setting everything up, but i'm not sure if i should just put a little tag on the necklaces and let that be it, or if i should attach the necklaces to a card like i have the rings, which is what i do when i ship them. what do you think?

chris and i will take everything on sunday and then spend the day in charlottesville, which i'm really looking forward to. even though charlottesville is only an hour north, it's completely different than lynchburg (by different, i mean that it isn't run by the falwell cult); charlottesville is so much more artsy, open-minded and all around more welcoming. it just feels right there. anyway, that's where i'll be.

tomorrow we're going to our friends chris & jen's house and our friends josh and cossandra will also come with josh's world famous lasagna. it's so delicious it brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. he still hasn't given me the recipe, so i'm thinking a threat of bodily harm is in order. so, i guess we'll meet again saturday or sunday! have a good week and weekend!


  1. you are too cool for words. how come that word looks weird while i'm typing it...? wooord. huh. anyways. i love that necklace! & i love the way you talk or type or whatever on your blog. i always digress & go here & there. have fun in charlottesville!

  2. Such pretty new projects! :o)

    As for the packaging, I think a tag is plenty... I feel like they might weigh too much for a card??

    Either way, have fun! :D

    oh yeah... -adri waves back-

    tee hee

  3. What lovely new projects. I've started making some pins, too, lately. I love working with larger stones. And, finally, I'm jealous of your lasagna date. I could go for that right now, winter is definitely here!

  4. it's ok. we all get busy. usually i'm just busy being lazy. at least you're busy being productive :).

    my suggestion..... maybe put some cool branches in a jar and hang some of the necklaces from them and then package the rest like the rings. i dunno. maybe that's a lame idea, but i thought i'd share it anyway, cause i know you love me lame ideas and all :).


  5. thanks for that sweet comment!
    such lovely pieces you've made!
    I'm loving your shop darling
    i need that necklace. adding it to my favs.
    hope you're having a wonderful weekend
    take care

  6. Love all your jewellery :) Especially the bullet necklaces! The first once looks beautiful. <3

    I would go with your instinct. You know your products and your market, if you do go with tags, they can sometimes be a pain to remove and end up damaging the product, especially if it's delicate. There are lots of other ways, such as coming up with imaginitive displays like others have suggested. :)

    Hope it goes well!!


  7. i'm a new follower..
    and i think you and your handmade things are adorable.

  8. you find the most beautiful stones to work with; i love the rings they're amazing!

    good luck at the gift shop!


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