i just like to smile. smiling's my favorite.

do you know which movie that quote came from...without using google? if so, i think we can be bff's. okay, so yesterday was all gloom and doom and i feel bad for being so negative, but today i'm back to the regular danielle! thanks for all of your comments, suggestions, encouragement, etc.; it really means a lot, and i hope you know it!

as if the cosmos could sense my bad mood, i was surprised with some pretty special gifts from people i'm happy and lucky to know. i took a walk yesterday afternoon and got my mail while i was out. i noticed that i had a package from oregon, but since i hadn't purchased anything in the last few days, i had no idea what it was. kjrsten had sent me a 5x7 print of her horse photograph that i love so much and included a sweet little note. i've already got it in a frame, and i can't wait to hang it!

then, when i got to the office this morning and was headed toward my desk, i saw a big gift bag waiting for me. cindy, my co-worker, crocheted me a pretty white afghan with fringe on the edges and left a really sweet, heartfelt note with it. too bad she doesn't work on tuesdays or i would've given her a dangerously powerful bear hug! i couldn't get a picture of it because it's so cloudy and dark this afternoon.

even though i'm an extreme introvert and often times a loner, i can still appreciate the power of friendship, and i'm so happy to have become friends with so many of you through blogging! you guys always keep me smiling, and i'm so glad you take the time to come say hi! i hope you're having a happy tuesday!


  1. Elf is going to be our Guilty Pleasure Christmas party movie choice. Well, it might be a double bill with Die Hard, too, we haven't totally decided. Anyway, best Christmas movie ever! EVER!

  2. ooohh...i know. elf. do i get bonus points if i can recite all the lines from elf???


  3. Last Christmas my voicemail was "Sonal the Elf, What's your favorite color?" It may be time to change it back again. :)

  4. ELF!!! Oh man, I love that film! I even got my dad to watch it and he was in tears it's so funny ( and for a Frenchman, that is something!)
    And suprises are the best, it's true. I'm glad you are feeling happier, yay!

  5. I get really into watching Christmas movies about this time of year (like the rest of the population, I'm sure). Elf will definitely be on the list. :)
    I love surprises from friends. That's a gorgeous picture!

  6. Elf!! i knew that i second i saw it! Love that movie

  7. too funny, in fact I just watched it with my monkeys last week!!! I <3 buddy!!!

  8. Dearie,

    You are so wonderful and amazing. I'm happy to hear that you are over your funk. I hope you have an lovely Thanksgiving.

    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  9. while i do love elf, and knew EXACTLY where that quote came from without thinking...
    the griswold family christmas is still my #! movie for the holidays.

    i just put up a picture my little brother drew me that says "i gave him the house and he gave me the RV." and he drew an RV with dirt all over it. haha. i think i might frame it.

    i'm glad you are feeling better! and i think gifts in the mail are a special kind of gift. [:


  10. Oh I love Elf!! Elf has quickly climbed to (at least close to) the top of my favorite Christmas movies, too. Glad you're not so blue today!

  11. what sweet surprises!... we own the movie Elf (one of many, for our marathon) it is the first one we watch every year! have a great day Danielle!

  12. Yay for surprise gifts! And that photo is amazing. Smiling's my favorite, too. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. P.S.) My word verification for the previous comment was "ladism," which made me laugh for some reason.

  14. it always feels so nice to get heartfelt surprises! i'm happy you're having a better day.

    just in case you didn't get to read my comment back to you on my blog, thank you soo much for sharing your story with me! it really meant alot..and especially on that day :)

    have a happy thanksgiving!

  15. I love Elf!! Makes me happy every time I watch it.

  16. elf- best christmas movie of ALL time!

    that frame is way rad! And perfect for my horse friend to reside in!

  17. I love that horse picture! now you need a John Wayne movie poster to hang next to it. Ok maybe thats just me but really I love that photo!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!


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