ode to something gross.

i wasn't sure what exactly i'd do for a blog post today, but i did want to say happy thanksgiving to my american friends, and happy thursday with food to anyone else who plans to eat today, so i took inspiration from carla. here's my simple poem dedicated to something i don't eat on thanksgiving (or pretty much any time, for that matter).

while i'm eating my thanksgiving feast,
i'm avoiding the food i like the least.

well, i don't hate it as much as i do beans,
but i certainly don't go crazy like the rest of the fiends.

it's on cakes, it's on pies, it's on donuts, too,
but as far as i'm concerned, it makes things taste like poo.

i think it's at its worst in ice cream form,
and i do realize my tastes may be different than the norm.

it sticks in your teeth and melts in your hands,
and i'll never understand how it's gained so many fans.

it's dark, it's white, and sometimes it's fudge-y,
i'll just eat french fries to make myself pudgy.

have you guessed what it is that i hate to eat?
it's chocolate, the dark and disgusting treat!

okay, so in the spirit of honesty, i'll admit that i do like ghirardelli chocolate covered blueberries, but i think it's because you can't taste the chocolate so much. what are your favorite and least favorite foods at thanksgiving?


  1. Cranberry sauce freaks me out. Especially when it comes out of a can in can shaped form. gross.

    i can't believe you don't like chocolate!

  2. that is the cutest poem ever. I enjoyed reading this.

  3. I don't like the mint jelly (although that is usually a christmas thing I think...). I used to not like chocolate unless it was a peanut butter cup, but now I like it every once in a while, usually once a month, and it has to be dark! Milk chocolate is the most disgusting thing ever! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. ...and we were getting on so well! I LOVE chocolate ( although only the super expensive, luxury, Swiss kind, like we have here hehe)in moderation, of course ;)

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  6. I am starting to dislike chocolate too. It does nothing for me. Fudge is disgusting! Hope you have a great thanksgiving sister.

  7. I really don't like chocolate, either!!!!

    I also hate tomatoes!

  8. happy thanksgiving!! it's so rare to find someone who doesn't like chocolate. maybe i'm just weird, but i think it's actually kind of a cool trait to have, haha.


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