i'm trying to find extra hours in the day.

i had planned on doing a different post today. i had planned on having pictures taken, business cards made and more time to do what i needed before the sun went down. but alas, the time change is seeking revenge and ruining everything!!! my pictures are a little too yellow, and because i'm completely anal about them, i won't even try to edit all the late-afternoon-sun-yellow out, i'll just wait until saturday and take all of them over. boo. so, tomorrow i'll do a "what i've been working on" post and show you my new business cards. and while i'm talking about working, here's what's been keeping me so pre-occupied... my inventory for the great gifts holiday shop in charlottesville. i've got just over a week left to finish everything, so i'm really rushing, but i'm also really excited!

it's a really random picture, but i hate doing posts sans images. anyway, that's what happens when i'm working because i'm pretty messy. so tomorrow i'll show you what i've been working on, plus i have one thing i can't wait to tell you!

in case you haven't yet entered, please don't forget to enter the vintage polaroid camera giveaway from kjrsten!

i guess that's all for now since i have a house to clean, dishes to wash, stuff to make and packages to get ready for shipment. how was your day today?


  1. hi darling. ah i know just how it is. when i work with my prints - my hands and nails are always covered in different colours. black being the worst. it gets under the nail and makes my nails look dirty.
    hope it all goes well. have a good weekend

  2. i am the worse at yellow/bad lighting photos ha. i hate it! but i'm not very good at photography but one lucky person who is will hit the jack pot with kjrsten's giveaway! what an awesome one!!!

    there is no time in the day.... i'm about to start a movie on netflix (me and my friend marla, a girl i used to work with back in my reporting days, decided to start a film club where we watch a movie and discuss it like a book club) and it's already late and i should have started it hours ago.

    i am SO excited for charlottesville and for our saturday date though i think i might have already found what i was "looking for" (more time to focus on thrifting housewares ha!). more on that later! ;)


  3. Hope that your motivation returns soon, I always feel a bit all over the place when daylight savings starts and ends.

  4. This time change is killing my happy. I love that its light out on my way to work but its dark before I get home.
    love your tattoo :) I want a feather but my mom would slap me silly. yes, I am 28 and still scared of my momma.


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