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don't get me wrong, having an unemployed husband isn't all cotton candy and rainbows, but it isn't completely awful either. for years, chris has wanted an outlet for his writing, but has had no time to focus on it. a few weeks ago, he received an email from a lady at our local NPR affiliate wanting to record one of his stories to share on-air. one story is exciting, but after she read another, she wanted that one, too! chris went to the radio station this morning to read both of his stories for future air time. i'm so proud of him, and i hope this is the beginning of something amazing for my talented husband! this is a picture he took of a bluebird on our deck, and below is one of the stories (my favorite) he recorded today...

Copyright 2010 Christopher N. Tanner

"Whatcha eatin' Mocky Birdie?" I asked in an upbeat voice. Just then I realized I wasn't alone as another customer stepped from behind their car eyeing me nervously. I cast my gaze away from their questioning look and watched the Mockingbird take flight; a cricket lunch held firmly in its beak. I smiled seeing the flashes of white as its wings stroked the air. Because of the pattern of their wing stroke, the white feather bands show a circular effect during flight and I sometimes refer to this as their "propeller wings."

Lately I have been getting caught talking to birds more frequently. I am yet to understand if it is because I do it more frequently or if I am not as carefully aware of my surroundings when speaking to them. While I don't want to get the stigma of being some unbalanced lunatic conversing with myself, a love that my wife and I share for birds has affected us both to the point that we regularly talk to them. Of course there are very few that actually respond, Flojo, our parrot might reply for a taste of peanut butter or a chance to take a bath in the sink, but for the most part these discussions are all one-sided.

My pet names for birds don't help my embarrassment either, like when I was recently caught talking to the "Mocky Birdie" about his lunch menu. At home, telling a Crazy Crowsie that he scared off my Rusty Belly right in the middle of his mealy worm dinner won't matter, but walking down Main Street at lunch while inquiring about Mr. Cardinal's berry feast may cause other pedestrians to take a few extra steps in avoiding me.

My wife Danielle and I are constantly in tune with the birds chirping around us, but when with friends, if we start to spew over a rare bird or a strange avian occurrence it always amazes us that most often no one else has even noticed. If you walk outside and stand for just a few minutes you are bound to see at least one bird. At our house with multiple feeders, tons of birdhouses, woods, meadows, and streams, we are graced with viewing hundreds of specimens per day. Take a moment and look around sometime this week to see what birds you may find all around you. When you notice them once, you won't be able to go anywhere without seeing and hearing them again. Pretty soon, you might even start talking to them too!


  1. Wow, thanks for the plug Misshey! Love you!

  2. aw i love this. i talk to my moluccan & hyacinth in the weirdest voice, and have now named the crows & doves that scavage under their outside houses for discarded seeds

  3. prac, i bet your bird friends are BEAUTIFUL! my husband adores hyacinths, and cockatoos are one of my favorites! if you get a chance, i'd love to see pictures of your birds!

  4. Pretty cool ! We love you two no doubt two of our favorite people, even if you talk to birds. Checkin the calendar soon for that bring your own dish dinner !
    And you are right, we need to slow down and notice A LOT of things in life that we miss.

  5. That's so neat that Chris will have his story featured on NPR! Great story too!

  6. That is RAD!!! Congrats to your talented hubs:)

  7. It's a great story, I can see why NPR wanted it. I talk to any animal I see when I am out walking:birds, squirrels, cats etc. I sometimes get caught too.

  8. congrats to your famous hubby! impressive chris!

    i love how much you guys love birds :). i can't handle them hanging out in our yard though. i get too pissed when they wake me up in the morning so i had to take down our bird houses. i was sad that i never see them around anymore, but happy i get to sleep in on saturdays :).


    miss you mucho mucho!!!!

  9. oh my goodness, i LOVE it!!! you do have such a talented husband! i can't wait to hear his stuff :)

    i always say good morning to the birds at work in the voice i normally talk to puppies and kittens.

    so awesome! congrats chris!

  10. Oh my BF is unemployed for more than a year now... I wish he had found some passion for something creative already! :) Thank you for joining the Ex-Presso / Blog couture giveaway! I hope you'll win! ;)

  11. so exciting! i'm amazed at how often the dark times can become deeply creative times. congrats chris.

  12. Great story. And you are right--we have a lot in common. I used to work at a migratory bird sanctuary as a naturalist. Let's just say that I have to talk to a certain type of person to get any reaction at all to my story about the winter a gyrfalcon lived there, among other favourite bird experiences. But, come on! Birds are AMAZING!

  13. This is incredibly cool and I had no idea your husband is a writer. More, more!

  14. How very cool! His writing is beautiful. You guys have the neatest things come your way. I'm telling day it's gonna be HUGE!

  15. Yay! It's great to see that you're a bird lover too! I have a cockatiel and 2 budgies. They make super friends and fun to face snuggle with. :)


  16. I love the bird story!
    So strange. I'm a bird person too. My whole family messes with me about it.
    After my grandma passed away, I've had one bird (I don't know if it's the same one) visit me almost daily for three years. He sits on the roof and stares at me.

    I want to buy a bird, but feel bad about keeping it in a cage. It seems different with a parrot. They get to be out and about more.
    Done with my dissertation.


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