just a quickie: cyber monday sale!

just thought i'd share a juicy little piece of sale gossip... today i'm having a cyber monday sale in my etsy shop! use the coupon code IKEEPITNOW during checkout to receive 20% off of your order! so buy something for yourself, or buy something as a gift, but remember that the sale only lasts until i go to bed tonight!

and i feel i need to clarify. if you're wondering how i came up with the coupon code "i keep it now" i will explain. years ago on saturday night live, there was a character named mrs. delvecchio. i've seen so many blog posts lately talking about snow (and i'm incredibly jealous) and it made me think of a skit where mrs. delvecchio and her neighbor (played by christopher walken) were talking about the snow blower he bought and was using. anyway, mrs. delvecchio's famous line was "i keep it now." sort of a weird thought pattern, but there you have it!


  1. i have some $ in my paypal account that's been burning a hole in my pocket (so the speak), so i'll definitely be jumping on this later today :).


  2. so many beautiful things, Danielle. I had a jewelry site contact me recently (they scour the web/stores for great and unique pieces) and I referred them to your pieces. I think you do fantastic work!


  3. Will you do another sale before Christmas? I want to get the same necklace for my two friends and one for myself.

  4. starr, you are WAY TOO KIND! thank you so much!

    carla, i probably will do another sale now that etsy does coupon codes. i might also do one on my website just to make people look at it ;)

  5. I totally used that coupon :) Can't wait to get mah earrings! eeeeeeep!


  6. Those pieces are so beautiful:) I have to check out your shop:)

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas.

  7. I love your blog! Going to check out your shop now. : )



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