what i've been working on

lately, i've been working on a lot. for example, this afternoon i was working on cranberry orange bread which is now warm and melting in my mouth. i don't expect it to last until tomorrow afternoon. aside from my unhealthy addiction to carbohydrates, i've been working on a ton of handmade items. some for pretty in pink, some for the great gifts holiday shop, and some for my shop. i've been making so much in fact, that one day i called chris all stressed and cranky and told him that i had to call it quits because i had blisters on my hands that made it too painful to even pick up my hammer or pliers! my hands are healed, and here is a peek at what i've been working on...

i've been making rings like crazy as i have a lot of stones that are awkward shapes and sizes, which make them less than ideal for putting in a custom setting and using as a pendant. i've also been making a lot of bullet and feather earrings. i don't actually wear earrings (aside from a tiny pair of studs) because flojo always pulls them out, but i've really started to LOVE making them, and sometimes it seems the only ideas i have are for earrings.

so, the jewelry is something i'm sure you were expecting to see, but here's the thing i've been working on that i'm really excited about...

that's right, there is now a DINOSAUR TOES DOT COM!!!!! oh yeah, and there are also now business cards that say dinosaur toes dot com, but i'm excited about the site. i got radical and added cardstock confetti because i'm just that excited. i sort of made one before, but i've been making a lot of changes, and i've added some things that aren't in my etsy shop. don't get me wrong, etsy is great, but i hate having to put the ".etsy.com" on business cards, and i especially hate trying to tell people the etsy shop address, because they don't pay attention to the shop name, they immediately ask, "what's etsy?" "how do you spell that?" "what does that mean?" so now i can avoid that and be all cool and professional when i say, "you can find my shop at dinosaur toes dot com."

also worthy of mentioning:

-i hate indian food, and i hate it with a passion, but the man who owns the restaurant is so nice i feel like i should support him.

-i'm about to eat more cranberry orange bread, then i'm going to eat a baked potato, because i feel like life isn't worth living if you can't pack it full of carbs.

-i have 9 rolls of film to be developed, so i called the camera store and tried to get the guy to give me a discount because of how many i have, but i had no luck. so i think i'm going to have to develop in stages so i don't spend a fortune all at once.

-my grandma is awesome and wants her very own bullet necklace.

-tomorrow i get to spend the day with my fiancee, and i'm hoping i find some good thrifted treasures.

-we're trying to get this lady and this man to have dinner with us, and the most exciting thing about it is that i get to play with princess reilly-anne who made me the queen and gave me a magic wand to wave around or use for stirring my pink sparkly ice cream. i don't think i've ever seen a little princess as cute.

how has your week been, and what do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. those earrings are spectacular. i can't get over it. if my ears weren't so allergic to earrings i would buy those this instant, somehow.

  2. That's so exciting! I real DOT COM address! LOL Love the business cards too!

    I would so buy up all your earring if my ears were pierced!

    Thanks for the plug! You're too sweet. We need to figure out Keith's crazy work schedule so we can get together really, really soon. Looking forward to it!

  3. Love your cards and I love carbs also! Congrats on the new site.

  4. congrats on the new site! It's a big project, and you have done well my friend, truly! I love the dancing bullet pendants on the launch page! And your new cards are killer!
    also, I hade pizza and ice cream for dinner! Here's to living life to the fullest- enjoy your carbs!


  5. So happy that you got your own dot com! & I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to say etsy at the end of the link.

  6. i LOVE your business cards. you are officially a fancy pants :).

    hope you enjoy your carbs. enjoy a double batch for me, because i'm getting positively plump with all the crap i've been eating lately, and probably shouldn't eat anymore myself!

    love you friend!


  7. I love your new earrings...among other things!


    you lil mis talented!


  9. i love your business cards! they're beautiful supreme as is all your pretty stone jewelry!

  10. I hate Indian food too! Never met anyone else.
    Oh, and I love the earrings.

  11. OMG i just saw this! congrats!

  12. loving the site! congrats! :D



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