my weekend ended with a pizza coma...

...but it began with lasagna. have you noticed just how much i love food? i talk about food even more on twitter and facebook, but i just can't help it. i'm a woman obsessed. on friday we ended up staying at our friends' house later than we thought (with josh's lasagna to keep us energized) drinking wine and playing a game called compatibility. it was hilarious and so much fun! chris and i were way behind, but ended up coming back to win! saturday was a pretty lazy day, but i did put the finishing touches on things for charlottesville, which is where we went today.

my husband just told me to put "photo courtesy of chris tanner." now that we have photo credits out of the way, i can get back to the point. anyway, once we dropped everything off at the bridge, we headed to the downtown mall. if you're not familiar with it, the downtown mall isn't actually a mall at all. it's like an open air brick road for pedestrians, no vehicles, enclosed by a collection of individual shops and restaurants; it's a great place to go on a nice day. we went to bittersweet to look at toms, and to my surprise, they had a size 5 in stock! this never happens which is just one of the 500 reasons i hate my small feet! the toms above are the exact pair i want for christmas, but to be honest, i'll probably die of shock if i get them. chris doesn't understand the whole toms thing, but i keep telling him that if he wears a pair, he'll totally get it. so i'm keeping my fingers crossed! and to drive the point home even more (since my sweet, loving, handsome husband reads my blog), he better not bother coming home anymore if they're not wrapped and waiting for me on christmas morning!

once we finished there, i was starving, like always. somewhere i love going when i'm in charlottesville is rebecca's foods, which is a small natural foods store. we stocked up on coconut macaroons, chocolate covered blueberries, yogurt covered pretzels, and honey nut granola. i mean, it's organic, so it can't be that bad, right? RIGHT?!? we finished off our day with brick oven pizza, and that's when my food coma started. if i had to guess, i'd say i'm pregnant with not one food baby, but more like food triplets. i could go walk some dust off my treadmill, but i think i'll stay right here on the sofa until i go to bed tonight.

so, how has your weekend been? have you added anything to your christmas list yet?


  1. Those Toms are pure perfection!!!

  2. omgoodness! my friend and i have names for our "food babies"!! hhahah.

  3. i love the shoes! have you announced the camera winner yet? my fingers have been crossed for days <3333

  4. I love those toms. :) I have the gold sparkly ones which are similar. The "love is the new black" toms are on my Xmas list this year! They are the only flats I wear.

    Glad you had a happy and food-filled weekend! xoxo

  5. Your shoes are so COOL! I want some... maybe we should get together while I'm home and go to a thrifting?
    Pizza is my favorite food on the planet, and it's really bad because Alex is opening a Neapolitan pizzeria. Perpetual food baby.

  6. those are the best! i agree though, you wont understand toms until you've worn a pair. they're so comfy! i bought my mom a simple black pair for her bday & she loves them. she's a berkinstock wearer so she's big on comfort. but that picture is even better, great toms on a great rug. =) also, being a foodie is something to be proud of. & yes, if it's organic, it's good. ;) oh, this weekend i got most of the way done with my iguana cage which i'll photograph once in place. it's so big & cool! have a great monday darlin.

  7. I added those TOMS to my list after seeing yours in your facebook profile picture :). i wanted the gold glitter ones, but i like these ones even more!

    your food coma sounds delicious! jealous, since i've been eating super healthy for the last week in anticipation for thanksgiving :).

    miss you my love!

  8. Your little feet are adorable. I'm on the other end of the spectrum...I wear a size 11 (seriously)...I can never find shoes in my size! I love those Toms...they are a magical color! :o) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  9. THOSE TOMS are on my christmas list this year!! :) toocute.


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