i'm ready for snow.

earlier this year we had one of the biggest snow storms i've ever seen in virginia, and while everyone else hated it, i hoped the 2 or more feet of snow would never melt! it's definitely not cold enough for snow yet, although it's no longer warm, but i'm hoping we'll see a repeat of last winter! when it does get cold, whether we have a blizzard or not, i'm ready for it with this super cozy wrap/scarf...

kyla from kove and i did a trade recently, and this wrap is what she made from me. i've looked at cowls before on etsy, but i've always been hesitant to buy one because i never knew if the yarn would be soft and cozy or scratchy and irritating. i'm happy to say that the wool/acrylic blend that kyla uses is so comfortable it'll make you feel like you're wrapped in a cloud. i'd even like an entire bedspread crocheted from this yarn! i wanted to show you a picture of what it looks like on, but i haven't gotten out of my pajamas today, and if i'm being completely honest, i probably won't.

unfortunately i had to work on black friday and miss out on the shopping craziness (which i would never attempt on my own, but love when i go with someone else), and i had to hold off on doing a few other things around the house until saturday. something i couldn't WAIT to do was decorate my "christmas tree." the tree i decorated isn't actually a christmas tree at all, but some sort of indoor evergreen that my grandma gave me recently. i figured since it's in my living room anyway, i should decorate it instead of pulling out my little artificial tree. so, i give you the before (with a glass bird the i keep in it), and the after...

the ornaments i use are a combination of antique glass ornaments that my great grandma gave me when i got married, and some antique glass and glitter ornaments that i got for $2 at a thrift store the other year. have you put your tree up yet? do you have a style or theme when decorating your tree? have any pictures of it?


  1. i LOVE her scarves! why oh why do i live in florida where i rarely get to wear that kind of stuff (which is my favorite). i am praying for snow to, but it's highly unlikely that i will get it! lol

    it's hard for me to get in the christmas spirit when it's 80 degrees out....so the best i can do is "plug in" my ceramic christmas tree that was handed down to me by my grandmother :)

  2. come to utah!
    it's snowing non-stop.
    i love your little tree.
    i wasn't planning on putting one up this year, but after seeing yours, i'm rethinking my decision.

  3. we're not putting a tree up this year because of the move :( so sad about that. I have a lot of ornaments, from Target, Marshall's, the dollar store, etc. haha.. I love trees that have all different kinds of ornaments instead of having a theme, especially when the ornaments are special.

  4. That scarf looks so snug and warm. We are having the worst weather in Aus at the moment it still feels like winter even though were days away from Summer. Your tree is too cute, I will be putting ours up Wednesday night.

  5. That scarf looks so snuggly and warm! I'm the same way.. I'm always afraid I won't want to wear it once I actually touch it. Glad yours turned out so nice!
    We have some of those ornaments on our tree at my house! They were my dad's parents.

  6. Super cute tree! And I love the scarf! I wish the weather in Miami would drop so I could wear winter clothing :(


  7. cute tree! i put a really sad little old tree up the other day, but still need to decorate it. cute cowl, i love her stuff!

  8. That's a beautiful tree option. Worn glass ornaments are the best. Simple, perfect.

  9. i am a sucker for vintage ornaments...much like the ones you have on your little evergreen.

  10. Your tree looks great and that cowl looks amazing. I love the colour she used, too. We're moving a week before Christmas...no tree for us this year, so it's good we can live vicariously and see what others are up to. Maybe I'll decorate my rat tail cactus (my favourite house plant).

  11. shelly, as much as i love florida and its weather, i think i would miss winter if it never got cold because i just love sweaters so much!

    elisabeth, i'm SO jealous! i want snow NOW!

  12. maddy, target always has some of the cutest ornaments! i usually get some there for gifts.

    megan, i hope you show pictures of your tree!

    april, aren't the hand-me-down ornaments the best? i feel so special knowing that those belonged to someone i love very much!

    adri, just come visit me and you can wear your winter clothes!

  13. that cowl looks so luscious and warm!

    i love your tree and how you decorated it with vintage ornaments. that's how i used to decorate my tree at my parent's home.

    your post actually put me more into the christmas spirit..and christmas tree decorating spirit. i told my hubs that we need to get one this week. last year we bought a few fun ornaments for the tree so i'll be so happy to see those again.

    thanks for posting this...i needed a dose of the holiday spirit!

  14. first of all....i am SO jealous of your cowl from kove. this has been on my etsy favorites for quite some time, but sadly, i can't justify the price since i already have 3 cowl scarves :). i'll just continue to be envious of you though!

    i'm the same w/ black friday. i'd never go by myself, but it's fun going with a friend.

    oh...and your tree...SO cute! i adore your vintage ornaments. they're perfect, and i love that you used a potted tree - so eco friendly of you :).

    miss you pretty friend!


  15. I love the vintage ornaments! They remind me of the old ones from my grandparents that we used to put on the tree when I was a kid!

  16. i just put up my tree too! so fun. :] http://wowls.blogspot.com/2010/12/pink-xmas.html


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