getting to know the talented kjrsten

i'd like to introduce you to kjrsten of k. madsen photography. she's a stylish mom, blogger, artist, and all around amazing person. she was in the first group of people who started commenting on my blog, and she's still one of my favorites! kjrsten and her sister share a blog with outfit posts, home tours, and pieces of their life, but she also has a beautiful photography blog that i think you'll love! kjrsten was our first sponsor, and her photography makes me want to marry chris again! i did a little interview with kjrsten, and she was kind enough to offer a special giveaway, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see!

how did you get started with photography?

My mom was always trying to find ways to keep me busy during the summer when I was a kid (because she had 6 kids). I usually took art classes. When I was 11, I signed up for a darkroom class. (My mom had to pull some strings to get me in there since I was so young.) Seeing my photographs come to life in the developing tray was like black magic! It was so unreal to me that I made an image from start to finish... and that was it!

what was your first camera, and do you still have it?

I don't remember, I was 11 (that's 22 years ago), but I still have the first photograph I developed from the dark room. It's a photo I took of my baby sister, she was in her swimsuit playing in the sprinkler (I still remember that day, and exactly where we were standing).

tell us some of your favorite locations to photograph or use as a backdrop.

Oh man that is a tough question. I think it changes all the time. As far as photo sessions go, I like trying out new locations, I get bored fast in life, even with my photos. Shooting in new places feeds both my desire to explore, and the need to try something different.

if you could photograph any celebrity, public figure or icon, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

J.D. Salinger, at his home in all of it's reclusive glory. I am intrigued by him. And the fact that he gave his last interview in 1980, certainly would make the experience all the more extraordinary.

do you like cotton candy?

Oh fluffy pink sugar?! You bet your bottom dollar! I pretty much live on sugar. I am the ultimate suck of the universe cook. But I can bake sweets like there's no tomorrow.

tell us 5 facts about yourself and/or your photography.

1. I shoot 100% FILM! I prefer the look of film to digital. And also, it simplifies things for me, I can spend more time shooting and no time editing.

2. I met my husband in Moscow, Russia. That's where an american girl from Seattle goes to meet an american boy from Salt Lake City to find true love (apparently)!!! Yes it was romantic.

3. I adore shooting weddings the most. It's such a sacred day and I am honored each and every time I am selected to document it. I wish I could transport myself back in time to photograph the wedding of Dick and Raquel Dyer (my grandparents) Their love story is amazing, and plus, they were just a handsome looking couple!

4. I still spend time in the dark room on a weekly basis. It is the only place in the world where I can loose myself for 5 hours straight, and I don't even need to check my phone or eat, it's still magical for me. Although I wish we could bring Diet Cokes in there, I could use some of that while I am printing.

5. Have Camera(s) Will Travel. Yes, I am in Portland Oregon, but that won't stop me from shooting your wedding! My travel rates are competitive, drop me a line and we can chat.

*i'm so in love with the horses kjrsten photographed that i had to know if she makes notecards. she says that she's been considering taking the plunge into an etsy shop. let her know that she should!


  1. OMG her photos are amazing! Thanks for introducing her to me:)

  2. Wow! I've never worked a dark room. It must be magical. Great post hun.

  3. i looked at her website bc the picture of that horse is BEAUTIFUL! i absolutely love it :)

  4. i am swooning over a.)her photography b.)that she shares a blog with her sister cos seesters are the best! and c.)how she met her husband!

    never again will i doubt there's such a thing as fate ;)

    Kjrsten, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell notecards! or make an exception and allow me to custom order some? ;)

    danielle, i love the interview! cotton candy question-- only you!

  5. as a self proclaimed equestrian enthusiast I second your prompt that she sells her horse portraits as cards!

  6. The little sister photo is so adorable. Great interview!

  7. i love kjrsten! excited to see the giveaway you'll be hosting...i'm sure it will be full of sheer loveliness :).

    love you lady!


    p.s. just hop a quick flight and come to little winter with me!!

  8. wow. these photos are so, so gorgeous. definitely checking out her site.

    loved the interview.


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