what i've been working on

do you ever have those days when you feel like your brain is a little schizophrenic and you have multiple things you want to say, but no real order for them? that's how i am today. so, first is the pictures, then it's my schedule, then it's my dream, then it's outfits. if you decide to look at the pictures and not read, i can't blame you, because i have a feeling these fingers are going to do a lot of typing! so, here's a little peek at what i've been working on the last week (and i'm almost embarrassed to post these pictures because my camera has been having tantrums lately, giving me less than favorable pictures)...

now, onto my schedule. i've been working on custom orders, and trying to continue to make plenty of items for my shop, plus i really need to get into serious sweatshop worker mode because in a few weeks, i have to take things, tons of things says sarah, to the bridge in charlottesville for their holiday gift market, running from black friday through the end of january. i'm also going to be doing the wedding photography for my cousin next fall, but until then, i'll be doing engagement and miscellaneous pictures. so i feel almost like i need a clone (but with this mouth/sarcasm, i don't think chris would be happy). so, if you're waiting on a convo or email from me, i promise i'm only about two or three days behind!

when i feel like i have so much going on and need to really get busy, i tend to sort of shut down because i just don't even know where to begin. so i had this dream about a turtle at the beach, and i decided to get an interpretation this morning. this is what i came up with, and i'm feeling okay with it: seeing a turtle in my dream suggests that i will make slow but steady progress, and that something will happen, bringing me much enjoyment and will improve business. also, it signifies that i need to pace myself and stop to take a break. verdict: awesome and true. next, i was on the beach helping this turtle stay safe, and although i wasn't looking at or facing the water, i knew that it was unusually calm for the ocean (side note, it looked like pebble beach, but i think that's just because i want to go back so badly). interpretation: the sea is a place of fertility, creativity and birth, and is associated with one's true creative potential. a dream of doing work on a beach symbolizes a business venture that will consume most of your time. verdict: spot on. and in case you see fertility and feel the urge to say, "YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A BABY!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!" please save it for someone who actually is going to have a baby. i see it as the birth of new ideas and opportunities. and i welcome them.

last, outfits. okay, so i did two outfit posts which isn't my typical thing. in one way i liked it because i always like seeing what everyone else is wearing, so i shared, too. then again, i felt weird about it. i'm sure that anyone who does regular outfit posts maybe feels strange at first, and maybe that weirdness wears off after a while. and, i just feel funny posting pictures of myself like i think i'm a model or something. so, my question (and point of this paragraph) is this: do you like seeing outfit posts, and should i do more or quit while i'm ahead?

just because she's so pretty, and because she keeps me company while i have tons of work to do. i love my baby dinosaur toes!


  1. Baby dinosaur toes is the cuteness. Also I will take one of everything you've been working on, please. ;)

  2. First of all!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh Dinosaur Toes is so dear! So cuteee!

    Second of all, I can totally relate to being behind on schedule. I am so behind too and I have an order of invitations that I still need to complete and it's driving me crazy! 60 Hello Kitties put together BY HAND and I don't even like Hello Kitty! lol

  3. Um, yeah...I LOVE your new goodies. You are amazing!

  4. I love what you're working on. This is my first time at your blog and I'm in love. Can't wait to read more.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  5. Can't believe you're embarrassed at those pictures--they look perfect to me. Beautiful jewels! And I love love love your bright ladybird. As for the outfits, I want to see!

  6. i would really like to order a pair of earrings like those ones on top (are they custom? they aren't in your shop). if you have time, can you etsy convo me? thanks! beauties all of them.

  7. Love the new jewelry pics, and yes, more of the outfits!

  8. Yes, outfit posts are fun! I feel strange about photos too. Then I think about how when I read other people's blogs, I kind of feel like I'm having a conversation with them and then I want to see that person's face.
    So, it's good to see your face!
    Also, all of your new pieces are beautiful and delicate.
    I'm going to troll your shop!

  9. I love your jewelry. And love outfit posts as well! Your bird is so pretty. I have those days - I have to make lists to get through them and stay organized!


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