what do you wear to find dusty treasures?

today micaela and i met up at our favorite spot for all things old and dusty to get jewelry for kjrsten's vintage jewelry swap. it feels like fall is finally here as today's high was predicted to be in the mid 50's, which means i finally get to make use of the best items in my closet/on my chair/on top of the dryer: cardigans! so, here's what i wear to search through overcrowded rooms for dusty treasures...and this face is for you, carla.

when it comes to my clothes, i'm incredibly plain. just throwing that out there. blouse - vintage from ebay years ago, cardigan - forever 21, jeans - i can't remember but they're my favorite pair, mocs - vintage minnetonka from mere trifles, turquoise ring - dinosaur toes. and of course micaela looked cute as always in a dress and heels (i swear, i need to start being more feminine).

i can't show you all of what i got because most of the items are for someone else, but here's what is staying with me:

the fabric is completely awesome. it was in a box with some really unfortunate 70's stretch polyester fabric, and of course that did not come home with me. it has some staining, but i'm going to wash it, and if that doesn't get the stains out, i'll still use what i can for lining or pockets of tote bags. if i haven't already told you, i'm completely obsessed with old frames. if in the future you see me on an episode of hoarders, it will be because i've been buried alive by old frames. this one is simple, but i really liked it, and i have a large art print that i think is this size exactly. the arrowhead thing was the focal piece of a bolo tie, but since i don't wear bolo ties, i'm going to drill through the top so i can put it on a chain as a pendant. it was too awesome not to come home with me!

last but not least, micaela and i are now engaged, so if you were thinking of asking for my hand (with the crooked fingers as you can so clearly see above), it's too late.

oh yeah, i almost forgot... i'm going to be emailing the winner of the ma cherie creations giveaway!


  1. You are too adorable. I love your nail polish! Oh, and congrats on the engagement. ;)

    P.S.) My word verification for this comment is "unwormy." Huh.

  2. hello fiance! your crooked fingers and my stubby ones go well together LOL

    i truly do love my ring!!! seriously, THANK YOU! it's my new favorite piece!

    i heart our thrifting dates (though my thrifting heart is still broken over that enamel desk!!! ugh)


  3. Wow..I love your outfit..The top is amazing

  4. oh my gosh is that fabric printed with ballerinas on top of horses?! That is amazing.

  5. LOVE! LOVE! this post!!! And good choice on what to wear!! I love dusty treasures! xo

  6. ummmm....you're super cute. but i just need to ask... where the heck are your new boots????? i'm in an anticipatory frenzy over here. post!!!

    love you!


  7. SO jealous of your thrifting date with my twinkie :) I would give anything to spend time with her, I miss her SO much!! LOVE your outfit! Your style is so classic, so beautiful! Great finds on a great date :)

  8. That actually made me burst out laughing. Alex officially thinks I'm crazy.
    See, you DO have good thriftin'!
    Bad ass ring, by the way.
    And unicorns...

  9. You look so cute! And that arrowhead is gorgeous, what a great find.

  10. your vintage eyelet blouse is so intensely gorgeous. congrats on your engagement!!

  11. I love the idea of old frames in a home. I had them displayed for a while above my old French couch (R.I.P.)
    but my always sarcastic stepdad made a funny/silly comment, you know, the kind that is meant to be sweet and nice but makes you feel so stupid? Yeah, they came down that night, ha!

  12. I found your blog through Have a Cute Day and I love it! Looking forward to reading more.

    Your eyelet top is lovely.

  13. 1. that chunky cardigan is perfection.
    2. thanks for the link to the shoe shop. just found some cute boots!
    3. I am overwhelmingly behind on my blog reading.
    4. that fabric would make an extraordinary baby blanket!
    5. I have crooked fingers too. All thanks to being a farm kid and playing basketball in the corn crib.-- the only place on all 80 acres with concrete!


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