wishlist wednesday!

with the weather getting cold, i've been thinking about ways slightly more attractive (i think, hope) than grandpa sweaters and ugg boots, or maybe i'm just channeling my inner 40's vixen, i'm not sure. anyway, i love a good grandpa sweater, but in my quest to stop dressing so much like a casual tomboy, i'm trying to think outside the oversized clothes box. this is what i've been wanting to keep me warm lately...

sources: KamiSue, hush hush fashion, helenaaleixoglamour, vintage stew.

back at the beginning of the year, i spent a day going to a few antique stores with my dad, stepmom and grandma. one of the stores we visited had two believable-looking faux fur collars for just $5 each, and they were medium to large size. like a complete idiot, i stare at them forever, but left empty-handed. i've been thinking about them ever since, which i'm sure means i should've gotten them. maybe i'll find another in my searches, or maybe i'll just get one online, because it's gotten COLD! on a related note, i know that everyone has different feelings about fur. i personally would never buy anything new made from real fur (and i still feel guilty for buying that rabbit's foot when i was a kid), but i even feel weird about vintage fur. i'm afraid that each time i wore a vintage fur collar, i'd still feel sad and guilty thinking about the animal that was drowned to make the collar. what do you think?

if you have a wish list to share, leave me a link in the comments section so i can see!


  1. If I lived somewhere where it snowed or was super cold, I'd buy vintage fur I think. Styles change and people didn't have the same regard for animals/nature 50+ years ago, so I'd buy a vintage fur to a) be really warm and b) so an innocent animal didn't die for nothing.. at least it'd still be used :)

    nowadays they make such good impersonation fur though, so I think everyone's needs can be met easily :)

  2. =( that post was lovely until you reminded me about the drownings. gee, thanks! anyways, haha! those are really cute it they're faux. i totally feel the same way about real real fur. i was watching anthony bourdain & & was in canada visiting this inuit tribe & they killed a seal & ate most of it raw right there on the kitchen floor only maybe an hour after killing it. i guess that's cool, but you could tell they were NOT starving. far from, little plump people. i had very mixed emotions about this...thoughts?

  3. My mom bought me a beautiful vintage fur cape to wear on our wedding day but it was too warm that day so I never got to.
    I feel guilty about buying a rabbit pelt when I was in 4th grade too and would never buy anything that was new & fur, but I always think vintage fur is different...

  4. maddy and cole, i think i feel the same way: i don't want for an animal to have been killed in vain. still, i don't know, i over think everything.

    cassandra, i do not like those sorts of shows. and the survival ones where they hunt and stuff. i just hate seeing on tv, and i also feel like they don't have to do it, they just want to make a buck. but, i'm super animal loving so a lot of people don't agree with my thoughts. i'll still keep thinking them, though!

  5. Yeah... I wouldn't wear real fur. I just couldn't :(

    these are lovely choices by the way!


  6. I like vintage or faux fur too, but I'm always afraid someone from PETA will confront me in public somewhere. LOL Those are nice choices though! I'd wear them if I was brave enough!

  7. I think the second one would look lovely!
    To the second comment, that was the last episode of Anthony Bourdain I watched. I was disappointed that we were supposed to be watching a show about food and culture.
    I didn't think it was necessary.

  8. i loved your home tour and came very close to doing my own, but then it felt a little too intimate for me to do. i don't know why! but i realized that i posted a picture today which shows the majority of our studio in the background, in case you're interested :)

  9. I almost bought what I call vintage "fur shoulders" when I was visiting my sister this spring. I still kind of regret not buying that garment. It fit perfectly and was the most beautiful honey colour. I say, don't let these things pass you by!

  10. You have a gorgeous blog.
    Always full of neat photographs!

    Keep shining!

    much sweetness,
    hope to hear from you xx


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