it's not goodbye, just see you later

today my girl fiancee leaves for texas. i'm so happy for her husband and his new job, as well as their new journey together, but i'm so sad that she and i won't be able to meet for lunch, go thrifting, see fashion shows, stock up at j. crew sales, or anything else. i know she has to come back and visit, i mean, we're engaged after all, but she'll be over a day away from me rather than the old 30 minutes and that's just no good. so micaela, know that you'll always be my best thrifting buddy, and estate specialists will be awfully lonely without you. i love you, girl fiancee, and i can't wait to see you again!


  1. awes! absence makes the heart grow fonder ;) wonderful picture also!

  2. your friendship obviously is a very special one. i imagine although you two will be further apart you will still remain close...maybe even realize more how much you mean to each other?!?

    i once had someone tell me that they were afraid to leave behind their friends and family, but once they went they saw how truly special they really were :)

  3. Awwe I definitely feel you. I felt the same way when my cousin, who used to live only downstairs for 27 years of our lives, moved :/

    But look on the bright side, now you have a reason to go on a mini-vacation to Texas, you can send each other packages, and write snail mail! :)


  4. Awwww, how sad! & what an adorable photo of the two of you! ♥
    Its always hard to lose someone so close to somewhere so far. I hope you two visit often.

  5. Awwwww this post is so sweet! But it's not goodbye it's see you later especially when it's such a special friendship like yours ;) Very cute pic of you two !

  6. What a cute picture. It's tough to be away from friends, but it makes seeing them even more special.

  7. Thank you for writing such a sweet and thoughtful post. Twinkie was SO sad to leave you. Thank you SO much for being such a great friend to her. It was so hard on me to be apart from her and knowing she was away from home. But you made that transition so much easier for her and that means a lot to me. So from the bottom of my heart thank you!!! I'm sad I never made it out there, she was always come home to visit :) But one of these days when she goes to visit her in laws I'll have to make the trip with her :) You really mean so much to her and I'll miss hearing about your dates together xo

  8. aw, she's lucky to have a friend who loves her so much! how cute!

  9. awww D i miss you!!! and i miss beautiful VA!

    this post touched my heart and i will never be able to thank you enough for making VA feel that much more like home. I'm so glad that it's not goodbye and i know i'll see you soon. i hate that we had movers from hell so i couldn't see you one last time before i left :( i miss VA!

    Love you and thank you so much for your beautiful post.

    i know this isn't good-bye because remember, we are married! :)


  10. The picture of you two is absolutely adorable!
    My mom never says goodbye, just see you later!


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