my girl fiancée is better than yours.

doesn't that make me sound so rude? well, it's true, my girl fiancée really IS the best! in case you're wondering why i, a married woman, talk about my girl fiancée, it's because i asked her to marry me with a quartz ring. luckily she said yes. anyway, we met up on saturday for lunch and thrifting at our favorite spot downtown. we were excited to find a tag sale in full swing after lunch and we dug through treasures until we couldn't feel our fingers, but it was so worth it because everything was $1! and i should have gotten more! anyway, here is just a little peek at what my sweet micaela gave me for christmas...

she also gave me a pretty caged bird ornament and sweet framed embroidery with a bird, made just for a friend, and the best part is the sweet not she wrote on the back. are the bags great? i do love a good granny bag! i thought she was getting those for herself, but i had NO idea she'd give them to me! i can't WAIT to use them! and the hat, so funny. she and chris planned that one, and she also got one for her husband. it's the year of trappers. i know this is so sappy, but micaela is such a sweet, sweet person and i couldn't imagine not having her as a friend and thrifting buddy (world's best). her friendship is definitely one of the best things to come from blogging!

okay, now here are a few of the things i thrifted:

the lampshade was one of those things i couldn't decide on, but micaela said yes. so i got it. once i got home and put it on an antique glass lamp (from the same store, just a few years earlier), i decided that i loved it and it was $1 very well spent. i also got some large and small antique glass christmas balls for only $2.50 (only half of them are in the picture) that i plan to add to my christmas tree today. the last and best thing is the chair. i have one of those great enamel top antique tables in the breakfast nook area of my kitchen, but i've always thought it looked kind of plain. i found two old chairs (of course, from the same store) a year or so ago that were painted white and chipping for $15 each, but i didn't get them. i've sort of regretted that decision, but now i'm happy i didn't buy them because i love this chair so much! my kitchen is all white and green, so i love that the black kind of breaks that up a little, and i also love that i can see three layers of paint in the chipped areas. maybe the best $5 i've ever spent. in addition to those things, i got a few old frames (just ask micaela, i'm obsessed with frames) and used two of them to rearrange the art wall in my bedroom this morning.

all in all, it was a really fun saturday, but i didn't expect anything less from a thrifting date! oh, and i almost forgot... i woke up to an inch of snow this morning! chris usually leaves about 20 minutes before i get up, so when he was sitting on the sofa in his undies (i'm sure he'll love that) when i got out of bed, i didn't know why...until he told me to look outside. i'm so excited! snow is almost (i said almost) better than new shoes!


  1. You're so lucky to have such a good thrifting buddy! :)

  2. You're too cute! How cool that you have such a strong friendship from blogging. All my friends live too far. Also, I'm jealous of your snow & your hat. You've got perty eyes little lady!

  3. Both you and Micaela are so lovely! Sounds like you had a wonderful date.

  4. Oh my...I am so in love with everything you found. Lucky you! Micaela is one of the very sweetest ladies I have "met" through blogging. But, I must say I am in LOVE with your new lampshade. It is precious.

    Sending you love and lots of it,
    Fritzi Marie

  5. that lampshade is a thrifting dream!!

  6. i am thrilled you got the lampshade! :) and that the hat "with furry ears" as your husband calls it is perfect on you!!!

    and the chippy chair :) see? aren't you glad we made bob or bill go downstairs to see how much? i love it! it kind of makes the pain that we didn't stay out in the cold $1 sale a little okay lol

    you are my thrifting partner-in-crime... simply the best mistress girl fiancee EVER!

    thankyou for the kindest post on a semi hard day - i love you!


    ps. and YES! she is the frame queen :)

  7. that is awesome you have a girl fiancee! :) so great to have besties like that.

    i love the vintage granny fun are those floral patterns. is that cross stitch?

    and i'm so glad you listened to your g-fiancee and got that amazing retro lamp!

  8. I love antique ornaments! We have a few of those and some Keith's mom made. I really like that chair too! Which store is it that you ladies shop at? a

  9. I love the lampshade and the ornaments.
    Did you say $1?!
    I might have to meet you in Lynchburg next time around. My places won't be as cheap:(

  10. so fun that you and micaela live so close :). great thrifty finds - especially that lovely lampshade!

    miss you sweet friend!!! we're totally skyping after the holiday craziness dies down. please!!!!

  11. Micaela gave you wonderful gifts! Your thrifting finds were fabulous, wish I had that kind of luck!

  12. Every time I read these posts by you or Micaela, I am amazed about how cheap everything is at your beloved thrift store!!! The second hand stores in San Francisco are, as I am sure you know, much pricier.

    So glad you have each other as the perfect thrifting buddies! xoxo

  13. what an awesome buddy you have and an awesome blog. Consider me your new follower:

  14. lovely post, and a lovely friendship :)

  15. lovely post, and a lovely friendship :)

  16. we actually have A LOT of plants, next time we chat, I will turn the computer around so you can see all the HUGE rosemaries that we "rescued". I have to stop myself from living in a jungle, but poe seems to like it. She has a big rosemary next to her that she can chew on (which is good for her respiratory and immune system)!

    We have the non wave thing happen pretty often around here. Kinda sucky! oh well...

    Also, I do think it is SOOO cute when Poe uses her feet to eat, I love parrot toes :) But I also think she is cute when she does pretty much anything... And lately I have been finding myself sniffing her because she smells so good! Does flojo have a good smell? I love how birds smell... except when they are wet and smell like cardboard, ha ha ha!

    The snow I think has stopped swirling, still waiting to wake up to white... heres to hoping!
    Goning to stop rambling now, tlak to you later. We should plan another chat soon!

  17. great items. you have such amazing friend.
    anyway, great pictures of you guys,
    both of you are lovely:)

  18. oh i love the vintage glass ornaments and the granny bag! what a sweet friend you have in micaela.

    and a big hooray for snow! i didn't think i'd miss it when i moved back to texas, but i most certainly do!


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