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meet morgan, from of roses & hello, a self-proclaimed lover of animals and old things. that alone makes her sound amazing, right? well guess what...she is! it's sort of funny how we met. during a roadtrip north, she stopped in a south carolina store and bought a dinosaur toes bullet necklace, then further into her journey, she even visited lynchburg, va, my home! i've been loving her blog and store ever since, and i think you will, too! here's a little more about morgan...

where are you from and where do you currently live? i'm from columbia, sc and i live in columbia, sc at the moment. i do a lot of moving around and this is where i come when i'm out of ideas.

what are some of your hobbies? my greatest passion is riding horses. unfortunately. sometimes i would give anything to feel that same away about something less expensive and easier to accommodate. also, i love playing piano, reading books, watching movies, traveling, and procrastinating, of course.

if you had to suddenly leave your life as you know it and only take 5 things, what or who would they be? my horse, cadillac jack. my german shepherd, sabrina. my two cats, kit kat and heathcliff. and brian. i guess that doesn't leave room for anything else.

what is your favorite food? ice cream.

what bands are you listening to these days? iron & wine, death cab for cutie, regina spektor, bloc party, the temper trap. but the always&forevers are chopin (my all time favorite composer), mozart, then the rat pack, duke ellington, ella fitzgerald, nina simone, billy holiday, and so on.

i thought this video from her blog was beautiful!

5 random things about yourself:
i eat ice cream for breakfast
i sleep in a bed full of animals.
i never answer my phone.
i could sleep through both a hurricane and an earthquake at the same time.
i would love to live in africa. hypothetically. but i think that's mainly based on how much i love the movie out of africa.

so go get to know morgan, i promise you'll love her! and if you like vintage, stop by her shop and see all of the pretty treasures she's found!


  1. Cute! I feel the same way about Africa because of Out of Africa, too!! :)

  2. It's not that bad living in Africa, well South Africa. Central Africa could be quite different.

  3. I also sleep with a bed full of animals. Well, just one really, but she's 80 lbs so it's really like 3 animals. Also I am in love with her plane print dress. amazing!

  4. She is adorable. I'll check out her blog!

  5. she's adorable, I love her hair :)


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