a holiday right hook

i had every intention of sharing this on christmas day, but i just ran out of time. usually our christmas eve is busy and our christmas day is lazy, but this year both days were busy. i promise i'll share more later, but right now chris and i have to go out to get some food or face one of two things: starvation, or obesity by way of subsisting on danish butter cookies, pumpkin bread and candy. i hope you all had a wonderful christmas!

i wanted to get a christmas picture for you, but i had certain criteria: 1. show christmas tree 2. don't be boring. i'm glad i have a husband who will go along with any shenanigan i come up with, even if it makes us look foolish! i'm thinking this might be next year's christmas card! also of note - the dress i'm wearing is a handmade 1950's dress i got a few years ago for three whole dollars. the details are beautiful and i'm thinking i need to dedicate a post to the dress!


  1. i love it! it reminds me of the old BATMAN!!!!!
    but then you are wearing gloves so no...
    you should make this your christmas card for next year!

  2. I love love love your dress! It's so much better because you got a great deal!

  3. I wish my husband would stand still so I could hit him!

  4. June Cleaver brings it!

    Too cute...everything! Dress! Tree! Gloves! Word card! Idea! You guys! Geez...I will have to quit coming to your blog because I always feel so incredibly boring and blah after visiting. I wish I was inspire,but since I have zero creativity, even you can't help me.

  5. I agree with Belle.
    You guys look adorable!

  6. I laready told you on Facebook but I love this photo! :o)


  7. Hahaha. I love this picture! You definitely did a good job at not being boring.

    Hope the two of you had a fun Christmas!



  8. You two are adorable!! I absolutely love your blog dear, Merry Christmas!!! (belated ;)

    <3 Sarah

  9. love this! your dress is pretty, love that color.
    Merry Christmas!!

  10. Clever picture and cute dress! Happy holidays!

  11. hahah i love this. it's like scott pilgrim meets christmas!

    i hope your holidays were wonderful!

  12. 1. i like that dress.

    2. you are pretty.

    3. i love this photo. way better than the usual christmas photo :).

    4. you are awesome.

    5. that is all.


  13. that picture is PERFECT! i love husband who go along with shenanigans! its like having the best life size play toy in the world who you are attracted to. from the dress to the tree to your creativity you are just plain awesome! happy new year and merry late christmas!


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