a happy mailbox.

i had hoped to share with you yesterday why my mailbox and i have been so happy, but i spent most of the day watching the snow fall (yes we got snow! only an inch, and unfortunately it was gone by this afternoon, but it was beautiful while it lasted!) and cooking for our friends that came over last night. we had such a fun evening, and chris' has a new best friend - a 4-year-old girl named rielly-anne. i'm not sure if they had more fun sliding in socks or making snow angels on the floor. anyway, what i didn't get a chance to show then, i'm showing now, because i'm too excited to keep it to myself!

okay kids, if you haven't checked out sarah's shop, SADIE DESIGNS, you absolutely must! i love her style, her bright photographs, and mainly her sweet, friendly personality. i knew i had a little something on the way, but i had no idea that my surprise would be this necklace i've been lusting after and added to a wish list a while back! she also has a blog that i love. go say hi! her packaging was so pretty, and i knew that i wanted to take a picture, but i was so excited to see what was inside that i had to open it and then rewrap it for the pictures. i'm sure i didn't get it quite right, but it's still so cute, don't you think?

the next reason my mailbox was so happy: field guided! anabela and i started doing business together years ago, and i've been a fan of her beautiful work and style ever since. her photography, blog, and shop are so inspiring, i can't tell you how many times she's made me want redecorate my house and wardrobe. so, i ordered the beautiful dreamcats calendar from her, designed by her beau, geoff piersol, but i also had a huge crush on her toronto print. imagine my surprise when i opened my package to find not one, but two beautiful prints along with a sweet note! awesome, right? and if you're interested, she has one of the cutest kitty companions i've ever laid eyes on, pony.

have you had any treats making your mailbox happy lately? do share! and how was your weekend?


  1. That necklace is divine!


    I'm a new follower & a proud owner of one of your bullet necklaces ;)

  2. wow these new things are so awesome! what a nice surprise in the mail.. i love their jewelry and art. i'm definitely going to take a closer look at their blog and shop after this. and that kitty is the cutest ever.

    this week i got some jewelry supplies that i ordered ...not a surprise at all but it still made me a very very happy girl. i love getting new materials to work with.

    btw, that's awesome that we have so much in common based on at least my 7 secrets list! that was so funny what you said about your cousins quizzing you on what you wore in 1989 lol. i am totally the same way. we are file cabinets of our lives!

  3. What a beautiful necklace!! Really like the prints too! I'm laughing soo hard at you unwrapping it then rewrapping it for pics! You're such a riot! :)
    By the way - we had an amazing time with you guys! Thanks for having us over! Rielly-Anne is still talking about "Jumbo!"

  4. What an amazing necklace, and the calendar is exquisite! These seem like they'd both make my days for a long time to come :)

  5. The packaging is almost as lustworthy as the necklace itself.


    Just found your blog and I'm excited to follow!

  6. Um...how about YOUR beautiful package! I photographed it & meant to blog about it but I'm so SLOW! I got many ogles from Urban Outfitters & Fossil employees this weekend while shopping at my beautiful necklace. =) You are so inspiring...I just heart you, your taste & your blog!

  7. Wow! Looks like a great day for mail indeed! I love handmade stuff the best...everyone puts such care into the packaging with sweet little touches - it's so special! That necklace is beautiful and I love the calendar and pictures too! :)

  8. Hooray! So glad you like. And isn't Sarah the sweetest?

  9. The packaging of that necklace is just devine!

  10. beautiful packing indeed! the antlers alone are so you and then the necklace-- gorgeous!

    i am LOVING those prints!!! aren't you always amazed at the kindness of people's hearts? it makes me smile :) those are perfect frames for them also! the cat calendar-- so you! and looks good with the knick knack. I would have to say that anabela as a decor muse is fabulous ;)

    lately my mailbox is loving just seeing letters now addressed with my new last name :) i love it! today i got a beautiful handwoven scarf from a blog friend in Chile (heather yalin) - couldn't be a better time to use it. i loved the snow! too bad it didn't stick but for awhile even here in madison heights i felt like i was in a snow globe.

    ps. the pics on facebook of chris and rielly-anne are adorable! i'm thinking you might need to use that little chair soon... JUST KIDDING! HA! :)

  11. sarah dee, thanks for stopping by! i hope you're enjoying your bullet necklace!

    gale, isn't it crazy how much we have in common?!? getting supplies is always so fun, almost as good as getting a surprise gift!

  12. cal, my friend haley who lives in venice beach says the urban outfitters girls always love her bullet necklaces. maybe up should just start buying them from me ;)

    micaela, rielly-anne did do a lot of playing in the time out chair! but i think i'll let other peoples kids use it for now ;) i'll have a baby when you do.

  13. what a wonderful compilation of pretty little items! :)


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