gift guide: for the metal lover

i've been doing a lot of searching on the interwebs lately and looking at other gift guides for some sort of inspiration for the hard to buy for people. sad news: i still haven't found anything that works (the gift guides are great, the people are just too damn picky). good news: it's made me want to create my own gift guides! maybe it'll help you shop for someone, or maybe it'll just be nice to look at, but either way, it gives me a reason to window shop! so, first in the series is one that i kind of did based on my own preferences. for the metal lover...

1. bueno bueno key necklace (i got mine today!) $33, 2. vertical leaf pendant light $144, 3. vintage 1960's space age holiday clutch $28, 4. gunmetal orchid earrings $23, 5. vintage glass lamp with metal shade $50, 6. vintage eagle hook $9.

what is on your christmas list this year? or better yet, what do you hope to get with the christmas money or gift cards you'll get? do you have hard to buy for people on your list, and what do you end up getting them (and don't say gift cards!!!)?


  1. Haha, I thought this was going to be HEAVY metal lover!

    I have to buy a birthday present for a friend and it's super hard, especially because I don't want to just get her any ol' thing at all. I might look into getting her one of these cool mugs. She likes drinking tea...

  2. I want those hooks! They match the eagle hanging on my front door that was my grandpas. So cool. =)

    Did you know it was good luck to hang a horse shoe above your front door? My whole family has it. It's sort of funny that each of our houses has one.

  3. I hate gift cards! Well, I don't mind getting them from people like my grandma but I don't like to give them because they seem very thoughtless to me. I love metal stuff though :)

  4. i love that clutch! and i love your idea of gift guides because max is THE HARDEST person to shop for lol so i hope you do a men's guide soon ;)

    i'm not really sure what's on my must-have list this year... i think i'm still a little (well a lot!) sad that this will be my first christmas away from home :(

    am i one of those rare few who don't mind a gift card? lol i think i would spend mine on etsy ;) or our antique shop! speaking of-- date soon! i'm actually off wens and saturday so let me know when you can play! :)

    stay warm!


  5. anabela, when i put that title, i thought it may sound that way! surprise!

    cal, aren't those hooks great? they remind me of a big brass eagle that my grandparents had over their garage door.

    maddy, i don't mind getting gift cards, but i hate HATE when someone can't think of a single thing they want or need, so they say they want a gift card. i mean, seriously, the way i look at it, if someone can't give one idea, then you shouldn't have to get them a gift!

    micaela, men are INCREDIBLY hard to buy for! i was thinking about doing a men's gift guide, but that is going to require some serious work and hunting! yes yes, date very very soon! i'll email or call you! xoxo

  6. hello lovely girl :).

    i do love me some metal. too bad i'm not shopping for myself. ha!

    love you!


  7. I really want a key necklace. Must buy presents for OTHER people (it's my mantra right now).

  8. My favourites for sure are the key necklaces and the clutch bag - which is a surprise as I'm not a massive fan of clutch bags, but it's the design I love.

    Hope your okay <3


  9. Would you buy me some Christmas presents? Everything you listed is wonderful!
    Unfortunately the only thing I'm hoping for for Christmas is stuff for our house.

  10. I love those earrings. I'm a real earring whore, so I probably don't need another pair, though!


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