gift guide: for your man.

the hardest people to buy for, at least in my opinion, are men. dads, husbands, brothers, whatever. why can't they enjoy getting new shoes and lip gloss like us women do? it would make things a lot easier! here are some ideas for the man in your life: a free pass on farting, a sex slave, and beer. i kid. well, no, i really don't, but they wouldn't be as fun for a woman to buy or give, so in the spirit of joyful gift-giving, here are a few ideas for your beau...

what: shaving set, debonair tie, record letterpress coaster set, handcrafted guitar pick, moustache briefs, leather woodgrain wallet.

i was also going to include some dirty love coupons, but i have family that reads this blog, okay? i can't have them looking at me differently when i walk in on christmas eve. you can find them though, and i'm sure they'll make you giggle.


  1. Beautiful selection - I do love Anabela's ties but I'm too late for international posting! A good one for a July birthday I think...

    The moustache underpants are funny.

  2. How cool! Too bad Dick doesn't wear ties & already has a badass wallet I got him from Fossil. He's easy to buy for. I'm getting him a Play Station Move this xmas. My bro, I got art supplies & my dad, I'm getting a cast iron panini press. =)

  3. you have such great taste (in this men's guide)!
    i do think bangs make people look younger, and i'm always trying to decide if i want to look older or younger :) too bad that nasty growing out phase in the middle makes it hard to switch very often. i think you'd look super cute with bangs.

  4. great choices, Danielle!

    Glad you got to meet Poe (for a second, she can be so fidgety!)... Andy was wondering why I didn't introduce him to you, sorry for that, how rude! Next time I will have better manners!

  5. I agree that boys are impossible to shop for. Jus & I aren't exchanging gifts this year (we figure a house is enough-haha) but if we were I'd definitely want to get him one of those picks. I've always wanted to get him an engraved one but he's super picky about what he uses!

  6. I agree, men are easily the hardest to shop for!

    That guitar pick is fantastic, I might have to look into it!

  7. Oooh these are very great gift giving ideas for men! Thank you very much. I already see something my brother and my husband would love YAY

    Btw, I just featured one of your items in an Etsy treasury...please check it out here,

    Have a great day!

  8. this made me crack up. I love those mustache roos. and I actually think that tie is pretty great. I have been eyeing that wallet for josh for a wgile now. I'm a sucker for faux bois. Overall your gift guide rocked!

  9. i fully agree. guys are SO hard to buy for. this is a really great gift guide. i especially love the tie :).


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