i'm so excited, and i just can't hide it.

i think i've been really lucky this year to be able to meet some of my favorite bloggers and become even better friends, but i won't lie, i still don't feel like it's enough! i have several more blogger friends that i want to meet in the flesh so badly i can barely stand it! one fellow blogger i've connected with and hoped to meet is...

the beautiful, funny, and super talented carla! and guess what? I GET TO MEET HER THIS WEEKEND!!!!! i've been so excited that i feel like i mention the upcoming meeting to chris at least once a day. and anyone else i've talked to has heard about it, too. i seriously can't wait.

also, i didn't tell you last week, but brittan and i had a webcam date, which will have to do until we can meet in person. she was so sweet (as i knew she would be), but she didn't have the boston accent i was expecting. isn't it funny how our minds can create voices and personalities for people we kind of know but haven't met in the flesh? i got to meet her pretty parrot posey for just a minute, and flojo joined in took over the conversation more than a few times!

brittan is also incredibly talented and has an etsy shop you should check out. i have one of her little felted owls, and trust me, it's even cuter in real life than it was in the pictures!

have you met any blog friends in real life? do you have plans to meet blog friends in real life?


  1. this is soo awesome! you get to meet some blogger friends.. i'm very excited for you!

    btw, i found my way to carla's blog..and i think her blog is just beautiful and real. thanks so much for introducing her to us!

    have an awesome time together :)

  2. Power LOL!
    I'm so glad you let the cat out of the bag because I was ready to explode!
    I've been telling everyone and their mother's uncle about it.
    I am a little salty balls that I can't meet Flojo, though.

    P.S. Wichser Studio is on my radar like a mefo. I am all over that shop!

  3. gale, she's totally real, and because of that you can't help but love her!

    carla, i wish i could bring flojo with me! i guess that means you have to come stay with me sometime ;) yes, i love her shop; the combination of leather and triggers is perfection!

  4. I am so jealous! I've never got to meet a blog friend :(
    Have fun this weekend!

  5. oh how fun, I am jealous. I cant find any bloggers that live near me

  6. So happy you are going to meet Carla! I hope you guys have an amazing time. One day you and I (and Flojo) shall have to meet. It has been decided. :D

  7. I have only met one and we met at a garage sale. Not planed. I had posted about my friends sale and she happened to be in town that day. so she was telling my frineds that she found out about it thru me right as i cam in the door.

  8. I've met one blog friend and it was fantastic!!! Now I'm like obsessed with meeting more whenever I travel haha.

  9. yay for meeting blog friends in real life :).

    glad i got to meet you in real life...next up....introducing flo jo and marley. haha!

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  11. How fun! One of my best friends is an internet-met lady from back in the late '90s. We always joke about how we met on the internet. We've never lived in the same city, yet she's totally one of my best friends. It's so great to meet the real person behind the online awesome-ness!

  12. hooray for meeting blog friends! i have yet to make this happen, but i always love hearing about how wonderful it is to meet in person!

    i hope you two have a great time!

  13. I have met a blog friend in real life and it's been the best thing ever! Since we bonded over blogs, we share a lot more interests than some of the friends I've just met randomly at work or in school. I hope to meet many more!

  14. Carla, Danielle is SERIOUSLY so excited!! she was all smiles when she told me on our thrifting date :) but just so you know... she's totally MY girl fiancee! ;) joking! I'm SOOO EXCITED for you both! you'll adore each other, i just know it! and i can't wait to hear about it.

    I AM SOOO EXCITED because i'm going to meet Claire at the end of the month!!! :) we're stopping in Georgia and max's grandparent's apple farm is seriously like 15 minutes from Claire's mamma's house! I couldn't believe i didn't think of it earlier but as i was sending a christmas package to her, i misspelled the city and Max noticed it and told me how close we'd be around that time. CRAZY RIGHT?! more reason to love my husband :) it'll be a short visit but i am SO excited!!! I can't wait to hug her! :)

    so yes, CHEERS to meeting blog friends in the flesh!
    i'm so thankful to say i've been able to hug you!



    ps. enjoy the snow :)

  15. If only I had a web cam...sigh.


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