carla time!

i don't even know where to start. i was SO excited to see carla and i had SO many things i wanted to talk to her about! i don't think we stopped talking the entire time, and i still feel like i have so much more to talk to her about. so, first off, carla is one hot mama. and she has amazing style. you want her to dress you. you want her to do your makeup. second, she is so inspiring. i loved talking to her about business, ideas, processes, metals, and although i didn't want to leave, i looked forward to getting back to my supplies so i could create, create, create. she really gave me the jump start and motivation i needed. third, she's just rad. i mean, everything about her is so real. she's a true artist and i love her take on life, love, and existence.

as you can see, i am now the proud owner of one of carla's thorn rings! i love the detailed simplicity (and i realize i just created an oxymoron there, but you know what i mean) of it. it's a perfect fit, and i plan to get a lot of wear out of this baby! if you haven't seen her website yet, you should definitely take a peek. imagine deep space photography on your body.

okay, so here is the only thing i'm kind of ticked about: i didn't even take any pictures! i mean, what the hell?!? i didn't really think about it until after she dropped me off at my aunt's house, but i guess we were just so busy talking that i completely forgot to pull my camera out. so, the only way around it is for us to see each other again. there, it's settled.

and, to wrap up the evening, we talked about injuries and things that freak us out (nose straws, infection puss, flesh flaps, etc.). so, fittingly, i lost a chunk from my "drill bit" finger on the front door when i was leaving my aunt's house to come back home. then this morning, i was being too rough as usual with some wire and my pliers, and they slipped, stabbing me in the thumb and giving me this blood blister. it throbs and the whole end of my thumb is swollen. kind of funny considering our last topic of conversation was injuries, but kind of sore as well.

i've got more to tell you about, and i've got my thrifting finds to show you, but i'll wait until tomorrow! how was your weekend?


  1. sounds like an amazing time with an amazing girl...although i did miss you! but ur back so that's cool. i've checked out her jewelry and some of her pieces are just chunky candy that literally make me want to bite into (i really get this weird pica thing with certain things i like lol)

    im sorry to hear about your injuries..hope it won't hinder your jewelry making. i can't wait to see new pieces you are inspired to make after this trip!

    soo my weekend consisted of me realizing at the time, that there were only 8 more days til Christmas and running around like a maniac! hahah

  2. I have the best blog post title. It's called, Danielle Tanner is a Superhero.
    No, really, that's what I'm writing about this week!
    I think you inspired me ten times more than I did to you.
    You are such a unique person, and also a real badass.
    Kindred spirits via internet.

  3. What a lovely ring. I bet that they are pretty fun to make. I love one of a kind jewelry. :)

  4. ha i like carla's blog title :) you girls are so cute! i can't wait to see your thrifting finds!!! and i can't wait to go thrifting again -- i'm off the next two days *hint*hint* ;)

    the thorn ring is just as you described it-- and so you! i bet you girls had a lot of fun talking about jewelry, you crafty goddesses.

    my weekend was full of work :P but it was a good weekend + my coworker made tons of christmas cookies-- i think that changes any day to a good one :)


  5. Sounds like fun! My weekend was crazy hectic, just trying to get back to America!

  6. what a pretty little ring! and what a not very pretty little blister. ouchies.

  7. How very cool! I love people who make me feel good. You are that person to me and many others, I'm sure! Nothing like a good visit to boost you up. Float for days!

    I'm going to read her post...Superhero? I knew it!!!!

  8. LOve the ring.... posted about your great ornaments yesterday. Thank you.

  9. that ring is super pretty :).

    i'd write more, but i'm so incredibly exhausted i can barely think. too much christmas craft craziness for lauren. i just wanted to say hi and i miss your cute face.

    that is all.

    love you girl! hope you have a good christmas!

  10. What awesome finds. I hope you get well soon and that you are enjoying your Christmas! <3


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